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LOOKING FOR MORE INFO ON OUR PRODUCTS? You have come to the right place! 

Want to add Volume? 

  • 14" Fill-ins 
  • 18" Fill-ins 
  • UP (if wanting to wear your hair UP) 

Want to add Length & Volume? 

  • 21" Classic Set (most popular product)
  • 24" Classic Set 
  • No Show 
  • UP (if wanting to wear your hair UP) 

THE BFB UP: Can be used to add length and volume. When styled, it can be used to match a number of hair lengths. Meant for all UPDOS. Not meant to wear hair down. 

FILL INS: Only used to add Volume. The Fill-ins are designed to match your natural hair length. If they are too long, we recommend trimming them. They are not meant for adding any length. We have 2 length options (14" and 18") If you are longer than 14" but not 18", please buy 18" fill-ins and trim them. 

CLASSIC SETS: Meant to add BOTH length and volume. Will give you the mega transformation look. 160 grams of hair in the 21" and 260 grams of hair in the 24". If you have a blunt hair cut, we will always recommend the 24" Classic Set so you have enough grams of hair to blend. 

NO SHOWS: Can be used to add BOTH length and volume. It's 20 inches long and 180 grams of hair. It is a halo type product with a string. The No Show comes with 2 volume wefts for the side of your hair. 

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