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Barefoot Blonde Hair in Italy

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Barefoot Blonde Hair in Italy

Our final stop on our European trip ended with a drive, a dip in the ocean and some delicious gelato. What a fabulous way to end our first ever Barefoot Blonde Hair trip.

After our time in Paris, we travelled to Positano, a cliffside town located on the Amalfi Coast in Italy. There was so much to look at from the clear blue sea to the pastel colored houses stacked up the cliffside. We rented a gorgeous red Alfa Romeo Spider 1967 and drove along the coast with the wind blowing through our hair. We felt like we were starring in an old Hollywood film with our retro sunglasses and classic car.

After our drive, we ran straight to the ocean. It was time for us to embrace our inner mermaids. We swam in the sea and relaxed under the bright orange umbrellas that lined the beach. It was the perfect way to end our vacation, but also the perfect way to say goodbye to Summer, by doing all of the fun things you dream about doing when summer begins: Long drives with friends, swimming in the ocean under the summer sun and eating lots and lots of gelato.

Now that we have officially said "goodbye" to Summer and "hello" to fall, check back soon to see what is happening this new fall season at Barefoot Blonde Hair. 

Hair styled by Ashley Petty. Tessa is wearing Brown Sugar. Jaci is wearing Autumn. Amber is wearing her signature color Barefoot Blonde

Photos by Cole Herrmann

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