BFB Stylist Program

The BFB Hair stylist program aims to provide you access to our high quality hair at discounted prices. You can now add the amazing benefits of BFB Hair to your clients and profitability to your business.

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How it works

Tier 1

$0 - $750 = 10% OFF

Valid On: Classic Set, Fill-ins & Up
2 FREE Exclusive BFB Stylist Tester Rings
Free Shipping *Domestic Orders

Tier 2

$751 - $3,500 = 15% OFF

Valid On: Classic Set, Fill-ins & Up
Free EXPEDITED Shipping *Domestic Orders

Tier 3

$3,500+ = 20% OFF

Valid On: Classic Set, Fill-ins & Up
Free EXPEDITED Shipping *Domestic Orders

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Color Match Ring

As a BFB Stylist you will a Color Match Ring to use with your clients for shade selection. The ring includes all 23 shades of 100% human remy hair and are completely representative of all products.

14 Inch Color Match Ring: used for color matching the 14 inch Fill-Ins

21 inch Color Match Ring: used for matching the 18 inch Fill-Ins, the Classic sets and the BFB Up.

Stylist Directory

As a member of the Stylist Program you will be featured in the BFB Hair Stylist Directory. Our hope is that this online resource helps expand your network by connecting you with clients in your area!

Why Choose the BFB Stylist Program?

Most Innovative Hair Extensions

We know you have options in this industry, but BFB Hair is the only clip-in hair extension company that has innovative products for ALL your clients.

Premium Quality Hair Extensions

BFB Hair has the best quality. All of our sets are made with the finest materials and 100% human remy hair.

Exclusive BFB Stylist Tester Ring

You will receive two FREE full length tester rings in 21 and 14 inches to ensure a perfect shade selection. They are made from the same amazing quality, 100% human remy hair and are perfectly representative of all 23 shades we offer.

Best Price Points In the Industry

You can have access to our premium clip-in hair extensions at the best price point compared to other wholesalers.

Increase Earning Potential

Customize the sets based on client needs and quickly get them in and out of your chair. With no additional training on your end, your clients get a unique experience they will love. We do not control any of the pricing aspects once you own the hair, so you charge what you believe to be reasonable for your services.

How to make the BFB Stylist Program a profitable part of your business

Know your worth & protect your time! Charge what you think is fair for the process of getting the extensions for your clients. Once the extensions are ordered by you they are yours.You get to provide a customized inserting experience to your clients based on their needs.


Ways you can offer add on services so your clients receive the best experience with you and BFB Hair:

Inserting & Blending
Root Shading
Custom Coloring

Why Choose the BFB Stylist Program?


For the stylist:
+ More appointments available daily
+ No additional training or fees
+ Service fees can be added for more profitability
+ Variety of products to suit all client needs

For the client:
+ More affordable and less risk
+ Easier to care for
+ Less damage to the natural hair
+ More weft versatility for different hairstyles and needs


For the stylist:
+Lengthy installation appointments
+ Fewer daily appointment openings
+ Additional education and fees required
+ Less customer interest due to higher risk

For the client:
+ Expensive
+ Damage to hair and scalp
+ Requires a professional to insert and remove
+ Necessary reinstallation frequently

All orders placed with a stylist discount code will NOT be eligible for returns or exchanges. We trust you as a stylist to select the closest shade for your clients. Use your best judgement to resolve minor discrepancies, if any, between the clients’ hair and your BFB Hair extensions. As a BFB stylist you take ownership of the product and assume responsibility when ordering for your client.

Any questions?