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    Meet Amber

    Amber is an Arizona girl at heart and loves sunny days, swimming and the smell of orange blossoms! She lives in Arizona with her husband David Clark and their three children, Atticus, Rosie and a new baby girl Frankie, plus an adorable golden retriever named Chauncey. 

    Shy in school, Amber used hair as a way to express her personality. Amber purchased her first set of extensions at the age of fifteen, which opened up a whole new world of possibilities. Having extensions allowed her to get even more creative with hairstyles without the limitation of thinner + shorter hair. Amber now has her very own line of extensions and has made it her mission to help others gain confidence and express their personality and creativity through their hair. 

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    Our Products

    Each set of BFB Hair extensions is hand made with the finest materials available. They contain 100% remy hair, seamless lay flat wefts for ultimate comfort and latex lined u-tip pressure clips to allow you to securely and comfortably wear your BFB Hair all day. 

    BFB Classic

    Meet the original BFB Hair extension set. You want those long thick locks? The Classic set is what you need for length and volume. It contains 10 wefts that are 21 inches long providing versatility and a fully blended look.

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    BFB Fill-ins

    Say hello to volume for shoulder length hair! Fill-in those spaces where you wish you had just a little more “oomph.” Each set contains two six inch wefts that you wear on the sides of your head for thickness around your cute face.

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    BFB Up

    The game changing one clip weft is the equivalent of four wefts. No more stacking and hiding wefts to get your perfect high pony. Insert the Up and you have length and thickness for ponytails, braids, top knots and updos.

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    Color Match

    Find Your Perfect Color Match

    Don't know what color is your perfect match? Don't worry, we have you covered. We offer a free home try-on kit to help you find your ideal shade. Each home try-on kit comes with 3-5 small sample wefts that you can match to the ends of your hair. If you need further assistance we offer video chat over Skype and in-house color matches which you can book on our website. For Skype calls we highly recommend ordering a home try-on kit before your call. All color matching services can be booked here

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