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Halloween Costumes

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Halloween Costumes

It is the week before Halloween and you still don't have a costume? What should you do? There are a few different options. First, you could skip the costume altogether, stay home and make friends with the bowl of leftover Halloween candy, which sounds amazing, save us a piece! Second, you could recycle your old cat costume from last year, meow. Third, you could get a little adventurous and make yourself a new costume. Why not try one of Barefoot Blonde Hair's Halloween costume ideas this year? 

The team at Barefoot Blonde Hair has created a collection of fun Halloween costumes that are easy to replicate. We have included costume details, hair styling instructions and Instagram video tutorials for each costume. Don't stress about your costume, we are here to help you have a memorable and magical Halloween. 

Britney Spears: The first Barefoot Blonde Hair costume is the iconic look from Britney Spear's hit music video "..Baby One More Time." Time to put the entire look together, turn on some classic Britney and let the nostalgia begin. 

Hair Tutorial:

1. Clip in extensions on the sides of your head where you won't see them with a middle part. 

2. Take one side and put it in a pony tail 2 inches above the ear. 

3. Braid the pony tail. 

4. Pull braid apart a little bit to make it look fuller and secure it with an elastic band. 

5. Repeat steps 2-4 on the other side. 

6. Add the fuzz balls to complete Britney's "...Baby One More Time" music video look. 

Watch the video tutorial on Instagram here. 


Costume: Now it is time to put together your costume. Once you have collected the pieces for your school uniform with these suggestions, apply a nude lip and tie some pink bows to the end of your braids. To add some detail to your costume, carry your stuff around in a 90s leather backpack instead of a purse and hold some school books. Last, practice your dance moves. Hurry up and put your costume together. The school bell is about to ring and you need to get to class! 

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Fortune Teller: I can see your future and it looks bright with this fortune teller costume. Here is a hair tutorial and some costume ideas to create this mysterious bohemian look. The stars have aligned and it looks like you will have the perfect Halloween. 

 Hair Tutorial: 

1. Curl hair with a 1.25 inch curling iron. 

2. Twist sections of hair all the way down while curling. 

3.Take bigger sections of hair and alternate directions while curling. 

4. Start placing extensions at the nape of your neck, place them about a 1/2 inch apart. 

5. Use your two 3-clip wefts first. Then use your 4-clip wefts. 

6. Use your 2-clip wefts about an inch above your ear. 

7. Use your single-clip weft just above the others. 

8. Use hairspray or texture spray to give volume. 

9. Add a head wrap to complete the look. 

Watch the video tutorial on Instagram here. 

Costume :  What is a fortune teller without her crystal ball? In order to create  it, you will  need a plastic round container from your local craft store. Paint the inside of the container half way up in modge podge. Next, dump lots and lots of glitter in the container and shake it, like magic you will have your very own crystal ball. It is time to read your fortune, "a thrilling time is in your immediate future," have a happy Halloween. 

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Viking: Look fierce and ready for war in this viking costume inspired by the character Lagertha from the television series Vikings. Can we wear this hairstyle every day? 

Hair Tutorial:

1. Curl extensions separately before putting them in your hair. 

2. Using a 1" curling iron, take a small section and curl from the top. Alternate the curling directions for a messier look. 

3. Place all your 1 clip extensions on one side. 

4. On the side with no extensions, do small tight dutch braids. 

5. Use hairspray and tease the braid's end instead of using an elastic band. 

6. On the side with the clip in extensions, make sure small wefts are towards the top. 

7. Use product to pull apart for as much volume as possible. 

8. Add several 3 strand braids throughout your hair. 

9. Continue teasing your hair instead of using elastic  bands. 

Watch the video tutorial on Instagram here. 

Costume: Create a powerful makeup look that incorporates a dark and intense smokey eye and lots and lots of gold glitter. Don't have a corset dress? Find an old dress in your closet and add this corset belt. With this look your Halloween will be legendary. 


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Mermaid: When we wear our Barefoot Blonde Hair we often feel like we are mermaids at heart, so why not take it to the next step and be a mermaid for Halloween. Be a mermaid and make waves this Halloween. 

Hair Tutorial: 

1. Use all your smaller wefts for a thicker braid on one side. 

2. Staying close to the hairline, start a dutch fishtail braid. Fitting for a mermaid.

3. Make sure to cross the sections under the braid. 

4. Add sections from both sides keeping them tight as you go. 

5. Add volume by pinching and pulling the braid out. 

6. If you have fine/soft hair, use a texture powder or spray to create hold. 

7. Start a new braid for added dimension. 

8. We chose the "topsy tail" braid since it stays in well and adds major volume. 

Watch the Instagram video tutorial here. 

Costume: Every mermaid princess needs a crown. Grab a crown and some sea shells and follow this tutorial to create the perfect tiara. Add glitter and some pastel and sea blue inspired colors to your makeup look. You and this costume were mer-maid for each other. 

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Photography by Libby Jones. Models: Jacqueline Villa (Fortune Teller) is wearing Brown Sugar. Amber is wearing her signature color Barefoot Blonde. Amandalyn Wulfert (Britney Spears) is wearing Platinum Status. Cordae Stradling (Mermaid) is wearing Chestnut. 

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