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Braid Inspiration

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Braid Inspiration

You saw today’s Barefoot Blonde Hair Holiday Challenge, right? A hair braiding competition with your friends! Hairstyling + friends is the BEST combo. Add in a competition and you’ve got yourself a dynamite idea. Competitions are fun, but you know what makes them really fun? Winning. No, really— winning is the best! (Competitive much? I know.) So we’re going to get you on the winning track of hair braiding!

A braid isn’t just a braid— which you already know if you’ve been following Barefoot Blonde Hair. Here, braids are our MO. Because they’re as cute as they are versatile! You’ve got your basic 3-strand braid, but also the fishtail braid, the upside-down braid, the milkmaid braid, the dutch braid, the four-strand braid— and then every variation on top of those! You can add braids into your curls and waves, you can also add them into a ponytail, or an updo. You can try out a half-up braided style. Or you can try a mixture of different braids creating the perfect braided cocktail! The possibilities are quite literally, ENDLESS.  

Need some inspo? We’ve made it easy for you by showcasing some of our favorite braids! Scroll through the images and let your braiding creativity flow! Good luck in the competition! Remember, show us your braids using #bfbholidaychallenge —we'd love to see you!

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