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Can I Swim With Extensions?!

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Can I Swim With Extensions?!

Barefoot Blonde Hair ExtensionsBarefoot Blonde Hair Extensions

A question we get all the time: CAN I SWIM WITH MY EXTENSIONS?!


BFB Hair is 100% human hair. However, there are definitely good practices to keep in mind when swimming with them. We also can't guarantee that it won't damage them - it totally depends how long you are swimming (did you braid your hair or did it become a tangled mess?), where are you swimming (it could be in a pool with large amounts of chlorine that could damage them.) etc! So always be aware that this is at your own risk. We can't do returns once you have worn them! So here are some tips to help you if you decide to swim with them! 

1. BRAID. If you are going to be swimming for a long time, braid your hair before you get in so it won't get too tangled. 

2. GETTING OUT TANGLES. If it does become tangled, be extremely gentle when brushing them out. I usually put some conditioner or de-tangler on them first and then I use a Wet Brush and start at the ends. Remember that when a hair breaks on your own head, it can eventually repair itself but on extensions that is not the case. So try to be gentle with them. 

3. CHLORINE. When going in a pool with chlorine be aware that chlorine will damage your extensions just like it will the hair on your head! I grew up doing swim team from age 6-18 so I always had to be careful with chlorine so it didn't damage my hair. Think of your hair like a sponge - if you get in the water with your hair dry, it will soak it all up. If you get it wet with clean water from a shower or sink beforehand, it will soak up far less chlorine. So always get your hair wet first before hopping in if you are worried about it! 

4. MERMAID. Sometimes you don't want to have it braided and just want to have your hair down. Who else loves the feeling of swimming with your hair down and feeling like a mermaid? If you don't want to braid it, brush it really good beforehand and make sure there are no tangles. You can also bring a little conditioner and put it on the ends before or during your swim.

5. HIDING YOUR WEFTS. When your hair is wet it will show extensions easier so I try to either braid it or keep the wefts further away from my part line. The lower they are the less chance of them showing. 

6. TO WASH OR NOT TO WASH? I know this is probably gross but I don't like to wash mine after! I love how they naturally dry after being in the ocean or in the pool. They dry wavy and have a good texture to them. If you are worried about it, you can wash them! (I will be doing a post all about washing your extensions soon!) 

7. HOW MANY WEFTS? I don't wear the whole set when I swim (a whole set is the full 10 wefts). I usually wear the 8 inch (4 clips), 7 inch (also 4 clips), and one of the 6 inch wefts (3 clips). Totally depends on the person and how many wefts you want to wear. When they get wet they do get heavier so I like to keep it to as little as possible for that reason. 

8. DO THEY FALL OUT? I have personally never had a weft fall out while swimming! It hasn't happened to any friends or anyone I know either BUT I suppose it is possible? If you are worried, put your hair in a braid or pony so if it comes unclipped it won't fall out. But the clips hold strong and you can check to make sure they are in good every 30 or so min :)

*In these pictures I am wearing 3 wefts! 8 inch, 7 inch, and 6 inch! 

Tell me if you have any other questions and I will add to this list!!! XO 

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