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Coachella 2018: Getting Your Hair On Beat

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Coachella 2018: Getting Your Hair On Beat

Do you like music? Ok, so do you also like dressing up in desert-chic attire? What about festivals, you like those? Well I’ve got some good news for you— the Coachella 2018 Music Festival is next week! And I want to know who’s going? Raise your hands high! Girl, consider yourself blessed! Well even if you don’t have tickets, (me neither) that doesn’t mean we can’t be there in spirit— I’ll be blasting The Weekend’s new song all week long in preparation. But tickets or no tickets, we can still dress the part, because I LOVE me some fringe and distressed denim cut-off shorts. And since you’re never fully dressed without accessories, here are my favorite Coachella hair accessories (+ a few extras) to get us all in the music festival mood. 

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1. The Hat - Trying to camouflage third-day, sweaty, festival hair? Wearing a hat is the easiest way to hide hair that needs a wash. They also help to keep the hot sun off of your face, which is good insurance in avoiding a painful sunburn (not cute). But they also add a really killer vibe to your whole look— wide brim, leather, fiddler cap, they’re all good!

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2. The Crown - The flower crown is such a quintessential festival accessory. Pair a pretty floral piece with messy, beach waved hair, and you’re set! But you can also change up the crown by wearing a leather, metal or glitter statement piece. Be creative with your hair crown! 

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3. The Bandana - A bandana scarf can be tied to your wrist, neck, purse, jeans— and can then be moved to tie your hair back into a messy, textured ponytail. You can use it as a pseudo headband, tied around the entirety of your head. Or even wrap the bandana around your topknot! It’s the accessory with the most uses. 

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4. The Clip - I love adding clips into my hair to add some personality to a seemingly “basic” hairstyle. If my hair is stick straight, I’ll wear a middle part and add two clips to either side of the part— as a sort of nod to the hairstyle of the ‘90s. Or I like to pin back and twist one side of my hair, if I’m keeping it simple. You can even pin flower clips throughout a big braid if you’re honing in on a hippie vibe. Get inventive with hair clips! They’re such fun, underrated hair accessories. 

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5. The Glow - The best part of festival style, is that it’s never taken too seriously. You can pretty much get away with anything— so take advantage of that! It’s a good time to wear makeup and hair product you wouldn’t normally. Glitter-bombed hair? Definitely. Holographic highlighter? 10,000%. Dark blue lipstick? Yeah sis, rock that bold lip! Faux, star-shaped freckles across your cheeks? DONE. Be brave and rock whatever you want, with confidence!

So if you’re rocking out in sunny Coachella Valley, or just belting out songs in the comfort of your car, this year’s Coachella 2018 will be celebrated in style!

Article by Amy Hutchens


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