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If your hair ends up looking too thin in braids, or you're just wanting a thicker looking face framing braid, BFB has a major hack for you. Our clip-in extensions are the perfect addition to make braids appear thicker and more voluminous! And yes, even your tiny ones around the face.

We've all been wearing these baby braids nonstop ALL summer long. And you can thank Hailey Bieber for this super cute hair trend! But we're not done with this hairstyle quite yet. We have a fun way to bring this style into the fall & winter time. One of those hairstyles that literally anyone can do, and you'll automatically look cute.. 

Watch Bre Sheppards video below on how she uses her BFB Extensions for thicker face framing braids! 

 Step 1:

If you have a Classic Set, grab one of your 1 clip wefts (included in your set) to make your braid thicker.

And if you have one of our Fill-In Sets, you can cut your 3 clip wefts into a 1 clip.

Step 2: 

Now take your 1 clip weft & clip it by your front pieces (where you start your face framing braids), as close to your part line without the weft peeking through. 

*BFB Tip- Tease your roots before clipping in your extensions. That way it gives the clips more grip!*

Step 3: 

With your 1 clip extension included in your section, start your braid down. Secure with a clear hair elastic. Pull apart for a more messy braid look, if you like!

xx BFB Hair Team

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