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Barefoot Blonde Hair in Iceland

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Barefoot Blonde Hair in Iceland

Iceland was the first stop on our first ever Barefoot Blonde Hair trip. For this trip, we would be making stops in three countries: Iceland, France and Italy. Iceland was the perfect place to begin our journey. What can we say about Iceland? Every corner of Iceland revealed something beautiful and magical. It felt like we were in a dream, it didn't seem real.

We wandered all over Iceland. First, we took a dip in the Blue Lagoon. It is one of the most visited spots in Iceland, and we can understand why. The light blue water was breathtaking and it was the perfect place to relax after our long flight.

One of our favorite spots was Fjadrárgljúfur Canyon. We saw dreamy cliff sides, clear blue water flowing through the canyon and moss covered hills. As our hair blew in the wind, we took in all the beautiful nature around us. It was hard to pack our bags and leave Iceland, but we all can't wait to go back one day soon.

Hair styled by Ashley Petty. Tessa ( black dress) is wearing Brown Sugar. Jaci ( salmon dress) is wearing Autumn. Amber is wearing her signature color Barefoot Blonde.

Check back soon to see photos from our next two stops from our European travels.

Photos by Cole Herrmann.

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