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Say hello to The BFB Inserting Kit! Any of you extension loving girlies, you'll want to add this kit to your life. After years of photoshoots and us constantly inserting extensions in and out, we have perfected the inserting process. Everything included in this kit is going to be your must have tools for easy inserting. If you are on the go, traveling, getting ready in your car, or want to keep extension tools more organized. You can have confidence that these will make inserting successful!

Don't want the whole kit? Good news, you can buy each product separately if you decide so here.

What comes in the bag?

ï»żWipeable pouch: All of your inserting needs in one, wipeable pouch! This is what all of your products will come in, the BFB pouch! Did we mention that it's silicon & wipeable? Perfect for ALL your travel & on-the-go needs. Doubles as a durable makeup bag! Anyone on the go or in a hurry, no need to worry about making a mess, because the bag is completely washable!

Fine tooth styling comb: Not only is this comb gentle enough to brush through hair, keeping locks silky for longer, it doubles as a parting tool!Â ï»żCreate the perfect part line before inserting your extensions with other end of the comb. Opt for a styling comb like ours instead of a hair brush! Made out of high quality marble acrylic.

Alligator clips:Â ï»żAfter creating the perfect part line with the end of your styling comb, and brushing away any fly aways, clip up hair with your alligator clips. You can now begin clipping in your extensions. You can even use these for washing your face or doing makeup. Silicon coated + finger grips, how nice!

Handheld mirror:Â ï»żConfirm your weft placement with the cutest handheld mirror. Perfect for your hair extension inserting needs. Or any of your on the go beauty needs, a two in one!! Made from durable marbled acrylic, & leather travel pouch for added protection. This mirror is just as functional as it is stylish.

& it's almost the holiday season... This will be your go-to gift idea!Â âŹ‡ïž

xx BFB Hair Team 

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