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Hairstyle: Topsy Tails

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Hairstyle: Topsy Tails

Have you heard someone say topsy tails and thought what are those?! We are here to teach you all about topsy tails today. They are an easy way to elevate any hairstyle. You can do a couple topsy tails and then start a braid or just do multiple of them like in this hairstyle. Either way they are a good skill to add to your hairstyle repertoire! 

1. For this look we used a BFB Up to get more length and volume. 

2. To start a topsy tail you are going to gather two sections and secure them with an elastic. 

3. Next, you are going to take the tail and turn it towards your head. 

4. Pull the tail through. See how the two sections are more twisted now? The key part is the next step. 

5. Hold onto the elastic and with your other hand pull the twisted part out slightly. That will make it look a lot bigger. 

Tip: After pulling it out, pull on the tail of the ponytail to tighten it and life the topsy tail.

6. Keep going! Make another two sections and do another topsy tail. 

This next pic shows the tip we shared above. Tightening it will bring it closer to your other topsy tail as well. 

7. For this look we did 5 topsy tails. You can add however many you want though!

You now know how to do a topsy tail. Get creative now and add them to lots of different looks!


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