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Wanting Thicker Hair In Seconds?

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Wanting Thicker Hair In Seconds?

Let's chat Fill-Ins...

It's like we're all on the hair loss train.. Or at least it seems that way. Hair loss, hair shedding, hair thinning, all of it has become so prevalent recently, for too many women. The amount of people that come to us needing some sort of volume help, is insane! Our most common costumers are those with thinning hair. Whether you are wanting a full transformation with both length & volume, or something basic like our fill-ins. That's what we're here for! Time to bring back the thick luscious locks.

Today we are talking all things Fill-Ins. What length is best for different hair lengths? How can you trim them up? How to hide them? We cover everything you could possibly need to know before ordering a set of our Fill-Ins!

Shade Shown: Lemon Drop 14" Fill-Ins ⬆️

Who would benefit?

If you are wanting extra volume & thickness help to your hair, but no length, the Fill-Ins will be your go-to. When hair starts to feel more and more thin, it can be a scary realization! Clip in a couple of our fill-ins and you are good to go!


Amber is wearing shade Butterscotch 18" Fill-Ins on the right side to show extra volume. ⬆️

What length to order?

When it comes to our Fill-Ins, you really only have 2 different length choices, completely customizable to you really! If you have hair that falls at your shoulders, or even shorter, you will want the 14" Fill-Ins. You can choose between the 35 gram and 50 gram option for the 14". We always recommend opting for the 50 gram for a bit more hair + volume, unless your hair is already pretty thin! And hair that falls at your collarbone and longer, the 18" Fill-Ins! Anything longer you might want to opt for one of our classic sets, since you already have long locks! That's that when it comes to length of Fill-Ins, next up is all about trimming your extensions.

How to trim:

When we said our Fill-Ins are customizable, this is what we meant! If you get your Fill-Ins and realize they are a tad long, trimming is an option. Now remember that hair shrinks once dried or styled, so start small. But trimming your Fill-Ins is insanely easy! If you don't feel comfortable trimming them, you can always ask your hair stylist to.

Watch our easy peasy how-to video below & learn how to trim up your Fill-Ins! Or bring in the video to your hairstylist so she can do it for you!

How to insert:

If you are new to the hair extension world, it might seem kind of daunting at first... But the good news about our Fill-Ins is that inserting will take you seconds, literally. Focus on one side of your head first. Start by parting your hair in a straight line from your temple to the back of your head. This will be 10x easier if you have an Inserting Kit! You can use your fine tooth comb to create a straight part line & your Alligator Clips to keep hair up before your clips. Begin clipping in your Fill-Ins. One, two, and three clips, and you are done! Repeat the same step on the other side of your face. Your extensions should sort of meet together in the back of your head. Feel free to move your wefts higher up in your head, or lower. Depending on if they are peeking through or not, or if you want them longer or shorter! If you are more of a visual learner, watch our video below on how we insert The BFB Fill-Ins.

How to style:

Our Fill-Ins are different in the aspect of styling, since you really don't have to worry about that too much. When it comes to our classic sets, you are adding both length and volume, so you might want to style and blend them in with your usually shorter hair. But the Fill-Ins are just giving you that extra oomf of volume & thickness so styling isn't as important. Always make sure to use a heat protectant before styling with hot tools, & washing should only be done every 30 days (or when you notice product buildup).   

What shade to order:

Before ordering you full set, you might want to order a Color Match Kit first! Choose 3-5 sample shades for $2 each & then decide your perfect match. 

Now that you know what to order & how to insert... Scroll through to see some of our favorite before & afters using the bfb fill-ins. ⬇️ The transformation is pretty insane. Still need help choosing your correct shade? Book a zoom appointment here

Shade Shown: PB & J 14" Fill-Ins ⬆️ 

Shade Shown: Iced Latte 18" Fill-Ins ⬆️

Shade Shown: Platinum Status 18" Fill-Ins ⬆️

xx BFB Hair Team

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