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What Exactly Are Fill-In Extensions

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What Exactly Are Fill-In Extensions

Maybe you've heard the word 'Fill-In' extensions or 'Fillers' before & wondered what that means. Or maybe you haven't and would love a little bit of extra oomph and thickness to your hair.. You need some BFB Fill-Ins! No matter what length your hair is, we have an option for you. Keep scrolling to learn more about the Fill-Ins + choose your perfect length. 

What exactly are Fill-Ins?

The BFB Fill-Ins are 2 separate wefts for each side of your head (they will meet in the back for overall volume & thickness). They are meant to add in extra volume, no length, to your natural hair length. 

If are wanting to add both length AND volume, you'll want to take a look at something like our Classic Sets.

I have short hair... will they work for me?

Duh! Our 14" Fill-Ins are perfect for those of us with hair that hits about collarbone length, or shorter! The best part about our hair is that they are customizable. If you find that the 14" Fill-Ins are too long for your short locks, they can easily be trimmed up! Start off with the tester weft & remember to always start off small. A trusted hair stylist is always a good option as well.

I have long hair... will they work for me?

Our 18" Fill-Ins are ideal for our babes with long locks needing some extra oomph! Otherwise, opt for the 21" Classic Set for those of us with the longest of locks.

Inserting your fill-ins:

Here's the good news - inserting your Fill-Ins is EASY and SEAMLESS, trust us! Included in your set is 2 separate wefts, making inserting take seconds. Watch our quick tutorial below! 



BFB Hair Team

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