Beige Blonde 50 gram 14" Fill-ins

Beige Blonde 50 gram 14" Fill-ins

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If you wish to return your BFB Hair you have 90 days from the date of order, to return or exchange as long as the main compartment (Pouch 2) is still sealed.
When you receive your order of extensions there will be 1 tester weft (Pouch 1) and 1 main pouch containing the full set of extensions (Pouch 2). Please open the tester weft first to ensure you are satisfied with the product.
Once the seal on Pouch 2 has been broken you are no longer eligible for a refund/return. We do not accept returns of opened hair in order to keep our warehouse sanitary.

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What's in the box?
Each box shipped contains a tester weft, so you can make sure the color is right before opening the main pouch.

This gorgeous shade is on trend with the blondes. With darker lowlights and cool highlights, it is the perfect mix of pearl and ash. 

Introducing our new, thicker than ever 50 gram 14 inch Fill-ins! Each set of our two-piece volumizing fill-ins are hand made with the finest materials available. They contain 100% remy hair, seamless wefts for ultimate comfort, and latex lined u-tip pressure clips to allow you to securely and comfortably wear your BFB Hair all day while adding a little extra volume to your life.

*Model wearing shade Brown Sugar

Length: 14"

Each set contains 2 seamless wefts: 6" each (50 grams)


Your Fill-ins are ready to wear and do not need to be washed as often as your own hair. They do not produce natural oils and only need to be washed after 30 uses or when there is product build up. 

To wash your Fill-ins, gently shampoo and condition with a gentle and color safe product and rinse with lukewarm water. Let them air dry by laying them out on a dry towel. Avoid combing and brushing them while wet

*Pro Tip: Use a deep conditioning treatment to help add moisture back back into the hair. Lock in the moisture by adding a few drops of hair oil to the ends. 

Before sleeping, take your extensions out and store them in a dry place. You can lay them out on a flat surface or hang them. 

Before and after wearing, brush your Fill-ins using a soft bristle brush. Start brushing at the bottom of the weft to avoid damaging your extensions.

Inserting & Styling


1. Make a part line all the way to the back of your head starting at your temple. 

2. Place the first clip about an inch away from the front of the hair line. 

3. Wrap the weft to the back of the head and secure the remaining clips. 

4. Continue this same process on the other side of your head. The wefts may overlap in the back, it is ok to stack them. 

If your fill-ins are too long, ask your stylist to insert them and then point cut the ends to match your natural length. This will create the most natural, perfect blend! 

You can style your Fill-ins as you would your natural hair. With any heat tools, we recommend keeping the temperature low and to use a heat protectant. 


When you receive your order, there will be a tester weft in pouch 1, use this sample to color check the hair before opening pouch 2 to ensure you are satisfied with the product. 

Once the seal on pouch 2 has been broken, you are no longer eligible for a refund or return.  


Is BFB Hair human hair?
Yes, BFB Hair is 100% human remy hair.

How long will my BFB Hair last?
The life span of your extensions will be reflected by how often you wear them, as well as how they are cared for. We recommend replacing your extensions every 4-6 months.

Where does the hair come from?
Finding a reputable, ethical, fair trade manufacturer was of utmost importance to the BFB Hair team. We partnered with multiple Chinese hair manufacturers who have been ethically sourcing and manufacturing hair goods for over 30 years. With 500 employees (average age 40 years old, minimum requirement of 18 years old), they offer competitive pay and have received many notable business accomplishments.

Can I cut my extensions?
Your BFB Hair should be cut by a professional using a razor. Start with small amounts and work your way up to the perfect length for you.

Can I color my extensions?
We typically do not recommend coloring, bleaching, or toning your extensions. Our extensions are 100% human remy hair, therefore, dying or coloring may cause damage and the results may vary. However if you choose to color your extensions, we recommend working with a professional that has experience with coloring extensions and to testing on the sample prior. Keep in mind, if you color/alter your extensions you are no longer eligible for a refund/return.

Can I sleep in the extensions?
We do not recommend sleeping in your extensions. Proper care and storage of your BFB Hair can extend the life of your extensions.

Not sure which color to get? Try our color match kit.

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