How do I find my color?

Don’t leave it up to chance! Take advantage of our our Color Match Kit. Included in the kit are instructions on how to make an accurate match. If you're still needing help, schedule a video chat with a BFB Hair expert. If you live in the greater Phoenix area and are still unsure of which color would match best, schedule an in-house color matching session here.

What if I receive my order and the hair doesn’t match? Can I return/exchange it?

Each order comes with one full-length tester weft. If the tester does not match and you have not opened the main compartment, you are eligible for a return/exchange. For more details, please consult our Return & Exchange Policy

What is the difference between seamless and lace extensions?

Seamless extensions are held together by a silicone adhesive that binds the hair and the clip together. They are 50% thinner at the top of each extension, which allows them to lay flatter on your head for a more natural look. Also, they are more durable and less susceptible to shedding over time.

Do I need two sets?

Typically you will not need more than one full set of BFB Hair. The great thing about clip-in extensions is that they are very versatile. You can wear as many or as few wefts as you like according to the hairstyle you want to achieve.

Can I color my extensions?

We do not recommend coloring,  bleaching, or toning your extensions. Our extensions are 100% human remy hair, therefore, dying or coloring may cause damage. If you color/alter your extensions you are no longer eligible for a refund/return.

Can I cut my extensions?

Your BFB Hair should be cut by a professional using a razor. Start with small amounts and work your way up to the perfect length for you.

Can I sleep in my extensions?

We do not recommend sleeping in your extensions. Proper care and storage of your BFB Hair can extend the life of your extensions.

Is BFB Hair human hair?

Yes, BFB Hair is 100% human remy hair.

How long will BFB Hair last?

The life span of your extensions will be reflected by how often you wear them, as well as how they are cared for. We recommend replacing your extensions every 4-6 months.

Where does the hair come from?

Finding a reputable, ethical, fair trade manufacturer was of utmost importance to the BFB Hair team. We partnered with multiple Chinese hair manufacturers who have been ethically sourcing and manufacturing hair goods for over 30 years. With 500 employees (average age 40 years old, minimum requirement of 18 years old), they offer competitive pay and have received many notable business accomplishments.

For more information, contact us here or email us at contact@bfbhair.com