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10 Easy Heatless Hairstyle Trends | BFB HAIR

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10 Easy Heatless Hairstyle Trends | BFB HAIR

Are you tired of using heat to style your hair or doing the same old ponytail every day? Check out our top 10 easy heatless hairstyle trends, below. Short haired girlies all the way to the longest of locks, these hairstyles will work for you. Time to get re-inspired & try out some new do's. Experimenting with clip-in extensions is also a fun way to find new hairstyles for your look. Now let's get to reading!

1. Braids For days

When you're in a rush but still want to look like you have your life together... Braids for days! We love braids around here, it is one of our go-to hairstyles for all day cuteness & comfort. For this specific hairstyle Maddie is wearing shade Sun-Kissed.

Product Shown: BFB UP in shade Sun-Kissed

2. All up with a claw clip 

If you don't already have an array of claw clips, you need some. For the days when you really don't have the time or care to do anything else, all up with a claw clip! For this specific hairstyle we did a half up bun + our Orange Claw Clip! To die for. 

3. Bows on bows

We still aren't over the bow trend. Just like claw clips, hair bows are an easy way to accessorize a hairstyle. Pull hair up into a low bun or pony and clip in a satin or velvet hair bow. For this hairstyle we used the BFB UP for an extra voluminous bun! 

Product Shown: BFB UP in shade Iced Latte

4. Pigtail Ribbons

Because you know we can't get enough of the bows... For this hairstyle pull hair back into low pigtails & tie off with a satin ribbon. Not only is this one easy, but adorably cute.

5. Thicker Buns please!

Did you know that we have a solution for thin buns or ponytails? Say hello to The BFB UP! An ultra thick seamless weft for ALL of your up-do needs. An easy & seamless solution for the hair up days, aka everyday.

6. Pigtail Braids

Pigtail braids are a classic over here, we just love them. Insert a 24" Classic Set for extra long braids, and throw your favorite baseball cap on top. Boom!

Product Shown: 21" Classic Set in shade Chestnut

7. Bubbles!

Bubble braids are one of our go-to hairstyles, especially on dirty hair days. Insert your BFB UP or 21" Classic Set to make bubbles thicker and more bouncy!

 Product Shown: 24" Classic Set

8. Claw Clip Days 

We had to throw another one of these in here, because of the simplicity and ease.. Amp up your current look with a BFB Claw Clip

9. Fishtail days

Fishtail braids are still a thing, trust us. Use your BFB UP to make your fishtail braid look thicker, more voluminous, and longer!

Shade Shown: Sandy Blonde


BFB Hair Team

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