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Curling Iron 101: The Do's & The Dont's

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Curling Iron 101: The Do's & The Dont's

We previously went over Flat Iron 101 & all of our top tips and tricks when it comes to sleek hair, but what about Curling? Curling hair is a whole different ballgame, and not so self explanatory like a flat iron might be. We can tell you this - if you aren't following these do's and dont's, your curls might be falling flat or not looking close to as good as they could..

Let's get into Curling Iron 101: The Do's AND The Dont's!  ⬇️

Do use a heat protectant 

This is #1 on our list and the first topic we wanted to cover, because it's really a non-negotiable. Using a heat protectant is not only easy to apply to your hair, but it's also easy to find at the store. There's no reason why you shouldn't be using it, its important!

Don't use it everyday 

Seems self explanatory, but you would be surpised how many people end up curling their hair every single day. And if not everyday, then most days throughout the week. While it is totally fine to pull our your hot tools & style away, you don't want to do it too often. If you are someone who styles with a hot tool on the daily, try switching to every other day. In between washes or styling, use your go-to dry shampoo. Trust us, your hair will thank you later. Read our blog post on keeping hair Shiny & Silky. 

Do use the correct barrel size

Maybe you are someone who never curls your hair because you hate the way it ends up looking, so relatable. Or your hair seems to never hold a curl well... Well, you could be using the wrong barrel size for the look you're wanting. The smaller the barrel, the tighter the curls, & the bigger the barrel, the looser the curls. We like to opt for one in the mid range, but if you can find one that has interchangeable barrels, even better!

Don't use too much heat

A big no no when it comes to hot tools is too much heat or too high of temps. We normally like to say the safe zone when curling is normally around 300-350 degrees. 350 max always if you are curling your BFB Extensions! Click here to learn how to properly wash your BFB Extensions.

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Do opt for titanium, ceramic, or gold

If you are going to use a curling iron, make sure it is made out of professional-grade materials. Titanium, ceramic, or gold coated are good key words to look for when buying a new curler. Curling irons made out of these materials provide a smooth long-lasting curl.

Don't brush out curls too soon

Hey, maybe you do get the ideal look when you run a brush through your curls. But at least, wait for things to cool off.. A general rule of thumb when it comes to curling, is wait to brush til the end! If your hair ends up looking frizzy after curling, or your curls don't last, try waiting to brush through. A bouncy blowout look is what we are all going for, and you'll achieve that by brushing through once locks are cooled off.

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Don't curl hair on freshly washed hair...

If you find that your hair never holds a curl, or maybe it does for a few hours and then boom, it's flat again. The next time you go to curl your hair, you may want to try testing it out on hair that is a bit dirty. Or even a day after wash day. You would be surprised how much you end up liking your curls on non freshly washed hair.


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