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Shiny Sleek Hair: Here's What You Need

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Shiny Sleek Hair: Here's What You Need
Scouring the internet for glass-like hair tips? Look no further. Try these tips for salon-worthy hair that shines.. 

Wait, what are you eating?

Healthy hair starts with a healthy diet. Now, we're not telling you to only eat fruits and vegetables. But you might notice a difference in your hair & skin if you incorporate healthy options in. Your hair will thank you!

It all starts with scalp health

This may be news to you, but healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. Read our blog post on why Scalp Health Is Important Too, because how your hair looks really does start with your scalp. You can incorporate a scalp scrub into your routine to remove excess product buildup or dry flakey skin. A scalp scrubber is also another beneficial product to add in.

Try an at-home toner

Have you ever heard of an at-home toner? Yes, you do it yourself. You know how sleek and shiny your hair looks when you leave the hair salon, it most likely is the toner. After getting your hair colored or highlighted most stylists let a toner sit on the hair. This either cancels out any harsh undertones you might not want, but it also is shine and conditioning enhancing. Kristin Ess makes a super affordable at home option. Options for ALL hair colors.

Kristen Ess Toner, $15

Hair mask for silky smooth locks

A more obvious one that we had to throw in there, mask it up girls! If you don't have a hair mask sitting in your shower right now, what are you doing?! Whenever your hair is looking dull & frizzy, or you feel like it needs some extra moisture, reach for a hair mask. We have a favorite here, & it can be made at your home! Read a step by step tutorial on our DIY Hair Mask for Broken Hair. Kristin Ess is an awesome drugstore hair brand to try out as well, they have an A+ mask!

Kristin Ess Moisture Mask, $15

Styling cream + smoothing brush 

The key to sleek, shiny hair (with no frizz), is a styling cream. There are truly so many great stying creams on the market, if you haven't tried one yet, you need to! The key is finding one that accomplishes the needs that you have. After styling our hair with hot tools, we love to smooth things down with a styling cream. You can use your hands or a smoothing brush. A couple of our favorite styling creams are the Bed Head After Party Cream & Dae Styling Cream. Bed Head will give you a bit more shine and sleekness, while the Dae cream smooths any flyaways (perfect for slicked buns).

Bed Head After Party Cream, $19.99

Dae Styling Cream, $26

Extra length or volume is just a bonus

Your one and done solution for luscious locks. BFB Extensions will help give you that shiny sleek look you are wanting. Wanting extra length? Or what about just some volume help? We have you covered here. Make an appointment here for a 15-minute zoom call. We will talk all things color, product, & tips! 

Struggling with dry or frizzy hair extensions? Read our blog to Keep Extensions Extra Silky

Just take extra care of your hair.

As obvious as this sounds... Just take extra care of your hair, you will be much happier in the long run. As best as you can, try to avoid excess heat & excess washing. Keep things simple & give your hair off days & time to breathe. Less heat. Less washing. Keep all of these tips in mind!

xx BFB Hair Team

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