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Keeping Extensions Silky

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Keeping Extensions Silky

Ready to revive dry & frizzy hair extensions? 

If you are an avid hair extension wearer, or if you have worn hair extensions in the past that have ended up a damaged mess, then this is definitely worth the read...  We agree with you, we want our extensions to last & keep up the same silky quality as when we bought them. The last thing we want is a frizzy matted mess of a hair extension being clipped in, because silky, glossy hair is the goal. There truly are so many tips and practices that you could be doing to keep up with your extensions.

With all of that being said, today we are going over some of our tips to keep your extensions looking silky and brand new. We have perfected our extension routine.

Tip #1: First things first, the question we are dying to know.. What are you washing your extensions with? You guys!! Please make sure you are using a clean haircare brand free of sulfates and parabens, all the things that will end up making your extensions look all blah. 

Tip #2: Piggy backing off of the first tip, how often should I be washing my extensions? This is such a good one. One of the biggest problems customers end up doing to their extensions is over-washing. You really only need to wash your clip-ins every 30 days or 30 uses. If you notice product buildup before then, feel free to wash, but the longer you wait the better. 

Shade shown: Chestnut

Tip #3: Heat protectant. Period. A major step that customers end up forgetting or missing is their heat protectant. Our extensions are made out of real human hair, which is why it is that much more important to use a heat protectant before styling.

Tip #4: Buy a BFB Hanger for all your extension needs. Brushing through a matted mess of an extension is the quickest way to create damage and breakage. Our hanger makes it easier to store, style, and dry. 

Shade shown: Sun-Kissed

Tip #5: Invest in a deep conditioner + hair oil. This is a great tip for the hair on your head as well as our extensions. Ratty looking extensions are never pretty, which is why using a deep conditioning treatment every so often will help restore moisture. You can also use our DIY mask periodically when extensions need some extra help. A hair oil helps restore the strands + add in shine and gloss. 

Tip #6: Use a detangler! As previously stated, brushing through a tangled mess of an extension will only lead to further breakage and split ends. Our extension strands can't repair itself quite like our hair on our heads can, it's a bummer. Which is why using a detangler will help when brushing through your wet or dry hair. 

xx BFB Hair Team

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