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5 Ways We Wear Claw Clips

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5 Ways We Wear Claw Clips

Here at BFB we live in our claw clips. The ease, the comfortability, the range of hairstyles, the list could go on and on.. Just trust us that you need one in your life. Our favorite hairstyles are the ones that are effortless but also put together, so say hello to your #1 hair accessory, the claw clip. Today we are showing our top 5 ways to wear a claw clip. Yes, there are more ways than just one, and they are all super easy! Whether you are planning your vacay hair looks, or have brunch planned with a friend, we got you covered on the hairstyle part. Let's get to it!

*Hint hint.. We may or may not be launching our very own claw clips here soon.. shhhh*

Hairstyle #1: All up with a twist

Starting off with a bang, your typical way to use a claw clip. We call this one, all up with a twist! This is probably the way you've been doing it all these years, it seems to be the most common... But have you added in our fill-ins for extra thickness? The more volume the better when it comes to this hairstyle! Clip on your favorite claw clip, ours is the flower one right now, and you will look like a summer dream. 

Hairstyle #2: Bubble braid w/ claw clip

Our favorite look to use with the BFB UP, because the more volume the better as always! We mentioned in our Top 5 Summer Hairstyles Blog Post bubble ponytails & how to wear them, but we left out the claw clip part. Which is the best part! Time to get yourself a flower claw clip & add it to the top of your bubble pony, you'll be good to go! It really makes a statement. 

Hairstyle #3: Half up half down

We all know this hairstyle like the back of our hands, but we just had to add it in. I mean how could we not?! Half up half down is for the on-the-go girls who don't put too much thought or time into their hair on a daily basis. Easy peasy please! Grab a trendy claw clip, like this butterfly one, and you will look adorable.

Hairstyle #4: OG claw clip pony

We call this one the OG claw clip pony, because it is the original way to wear a claw clip. Back in the day this was the style, but it is back and better than ever. Or at least we are bringing it back! Use an extra large claw clip and make a ponytail, but without the elastic. How cute! This one will take you a minute or less, how easy.

Hairstyle #5: Bun w/ flower clip 

Ever thought about throwing your hair up in a messy bun with a claw clip? Well we did! ï»żStart with your favorite messy bun, and add in a flower claw clip towards the side, boom! It is just the cutest and easiest summer hairstyle. A beach day, or the pool with friends, this is it. Add in a BFB UP for extra top-knot volume, because the thicker the bun, the better!

Hope you enjoyed our hairstyles! Click here to schedule a zoom call to get color matched. We are here to answer all your questions.

xx BFB Hair Team

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