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Benefits of Clip-In Hair Extensions

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Benefits of Clip-In Hair Extensions

For some of us, we just can't seem to get the length or fullness in our hair that we've been dying to have. That's where clip-in hair extensions enter. No more scrolling social media wishing your hair could look a certain way. Whether you have always had thinner hair, recently dealing with hair loss, or simply just want longer hair, the options are endless. If you are someone who is leaning towards more natural volume help, or wanting a full hair transformation, we have you covered at BFB.

Ever wondered what the benefits are of clip-in hair extensions, or curious if they would be a good option for you? Keep reading for our top 5 benefits...

1. Longer or fuller hair-

Increased length or fuller hair is the most obvious benefit of hair extensions. If you are wanting longer hair but the impatience is kicking in, or your hair seems to not grow as long as you'd like, our 21" Classic Set will be your go to. Extra long hair already? 24" Classic Set will give you that mermaid hair. We made these classic sets for both length and volume, you truly get the best of both worlds. If you are wanting a total transformation, these would be the ones. Included in a Classic Set is 10 wefts, making it easy to obtain all around length + fullness for your whole head evenly.

Struggling with thinning hair, or want that extra oomf of volume to your current length? Our fill-ins are the absolute best for that. And we have options for all lengths of hair. Remember the fill-ins are for volume only, no length will be added.

Wanting extra volume for your braids or high pony's, the BFB UP is made to add thickness to your favorite up-do hairstyles. High buns, low ponytails, side braids, the UP is so versatile. Included in a BFB UP is an ultra thick weft, making the inserting process simple. 

Not sure which set to order? Schedule a 15 minute zoom call or in-person appointment in AZ!


2. The ease-

The extension process can be a bit daunting at first, but our sets are so easy insert. Play around with your clip-ins and see where you like to insert different wefts, or watch our video below on how we insert. Promise it's super easy! Also, our products have seamless wefts, instead of lace, making it more durable and allows them to lay flatter on your head. Not only are they easy to clip in your hair, clipping them out is the best part. Ahhhh, how freeing does that sound?! Clip them in and out as you please, and no more sleeping on uncomfortable sow-ins. Watch our video below showing how we insert our 21" Classic Set in under 90 seconds! 


3. The versatility- 

Your versatility might be limited when it comes to other extensions... You may not be able to put your hair up without your wefts showing or you're always sleeping on uncomfortable sow-ins, we get it. Finding a good extension set will be a game changer for you. We have clip-in products for every occasion or hair style that might possibly want to do. A full transformation with a classic set, or some quick fill-ins, the possibilities are endless here. Our seamless wefts makes lower up-dos possible, or reach for The BFB UP for all your up-do needs. We love options!


4. Easy maintenance- 

First time hair extensions wearer? Good news, the maintenance and upkeep is something that won't leave you worrying ever. #1 benefit of clip-ins is the ability to take them in & out, but with that comes the question of how to maintain them. Wash your extensions every 30 uses & hang on your BFB Hanger to dry overnight. Use a heat protectant before styling ALWAYS & set your hot tools to 350 or lower. This is where your hanger comes into play as well, use your BFB Hanger for easy hot tool styling. 

5. The quality- 

No synthetic hair here!! All BFB products are made from 100% human Remy hair. We pride ourselves in our quality, and we are sure you will love it too. 

xx BFB Hair Team

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