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Can You Swim With Hair Extensions In?

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Can You Swim With Hair Extensions In?

Am I able to swim with my extensions in?

It's important to keep in mind that the best you take care of your BFB extensions, the longer they will last & stay healthy. With that being said, swimming in chlorine or salt water can damage our natural hair, let alone the extensions. BFB extensions are made from real human hair!! We don't necessarily recommend swimming with your extensions clipped in as we want to keep them silky & healthy for as long as possible.

However, if you do decide you are going to take a quick dip in the pool with your extensions in, we have rounded up a small list of good practices to keep in mind to get the most out of them. Keep reading for our tips....

~Shade shown: Sweet Cola 14" Fill-ins~

~Shade shown: Barefoot Blonde 21" Classic~

1. Wet hair with cold water + conditioner- First things first, chlorine or salt water can damage your hair, as well as your extensions. Keep that in mind. An important first tip is to wash your hair first with cold water, and use a conditioner. You should do this right before getting in the water. Washing your hair in cold water helps close the hair cuticle, while the conditioner coats your hair, creating a barrier between your hair and the chlorine. 

2. Use a mineral sunscreen- A random one but a good one! Believe it or not but regular sunscreen has a chemical in it called avobenzone. If it touches your extensions (even if it is on your skin and your hair touches it), it can turn your extensions orange. The worst part about it is that there is nothing you can do about it once it happens. Opt for a clean sunscreen!

3. Braid braid braid- If you're taking a quick swim and your extensions are in, please be sure to braid your hair! It is so so important. By braiding your hair it makes it less easy or able to knot. The last thing you want is to brush through a wet tangled disaster of hair. Trust us. Brushing hard through tangles creates breakage on your hair extensions that is irreversible. 

4. Detangler- A tip for anyone with extensions even if you aren't swimming, use a detangler. As stated previously, brushing through tangles can create breakage and ultimately leads to damaged hair. Once your extensions are damaged they cant repair themselves like our natural hair on our heads can. Use a detangler on your extensions before brushing always.

5. Wash after- Enjoy the natural wave on your extensions afterwards, or feel free to give them a gentle wash with clean shampoo + conditioner! Remember that blondes can easily experience damage from swimming & it's important to get that chlorine out!

Take extra care of your BFB extensions & purchase a hanger for easy storage. Happy summer!

xx BFB Hair Team

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