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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hey, you! If its your first time buying BFB extensions you might have some questions before getting your full set. We get it! We get it so much that we have compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions. We hope to put your mind at ease before purchasing a set from us! Because it’s time to have the hair you’ve always dreamt of…

1. First things first. I have no idea what color to order!

Create a color match kit with 3-5 shade samples before purchasing your full set. Still not 100% sure which shades to pick? Schedule a zoom video chat or in-house appointment for expert advice. We are here to answer all your questions!

*Take our quiz- It's the best place to start if you're new to extensions!*

2. I have really thin hair & I don't think extensions will work for me... Would they?

Our Fill-Ins are the best solution for thinning or fine hair. Included in a fill-in set is two wefts, 3 clips per weft, so 6 clips total, which makes them so easy to insert into thinner hair. If you are wanting extra volume but worried if extensions will be the solution, you've come to the right place. Book a zoom call to get expert advice as well! 

3. How do I store my extensions when not using them?

We are so glad you asked! Purchase a BFB Hanger for all of your extension storing needs. Easy peasy.

4. What's the difference between the 35 gram and 50 gram Fill-Ins?

The only difference between the 35 and 50 gram is the amount of hair. If you are wanting subtle volume or have ultra thin hair, opt for our 35 gram. Otherwise we recommend our 50 gram as it is just a bit more hair. More volume please. 

5. Should I purchase the 21" Classic Set or 24"? I can't decide.

Unless you already have extremely long hair or are wanting the mermaid hair of your dreams, go for the 21". That is our most popular!

6. Can I sleep in my extensions?

One of the best parts about our clip-ins is the fact that they are clip in! Ahhh, how freeing! No, we don't recommend sleeping in your extensions. Clip them out after a long day and onto your BFB hanger they go.

7. Am I able to return if the color doesn't match?

For a full refund or exchange you have 90 days as long as the main compartment (pouch 2) is still sealed. Each set comes with a smaller tester weft labeled "TESTER" (pouch 1), consult that before opening your main pouch. Once your main pouches seal is broken you are no longer eligible for a return or exchange. Click here to move forward with a return: 

xx BFB Hair Team

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