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How to wash hair extensions

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How to wash hair extensions

How do I wash my hair extensions? Why are my extensions feeling dry? If you've been asking yourself those very questions, it's time to stop scouring the internet, we have all the answers here. Watch our video below or read a step by step tutorial on how to properly wash hair extensions.

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Step #1:

Brush out all those tangles! Start from your ends working your way up to the roots to avoid extra breakage. We want to start off with no tangles before washing. 

Step #2: 

Start by wetting your extensions in the sink with warm water. Try your best  to avoid submerging your clips in water as it can wear them faster. Your best bet is to hold the hair by the clips.

Step #3: 

It's shampoo + conditioner time! Use a 'clean' shampoo & conditioner option as it is the most gentle on your extensions. Lather & rinse in downward motions to avoid frizz or extra tangles. Once fully rinsed, gently pat dry with a microfiber hair towel. You can add in a deep conditioner as well for extra moisture.

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Step #4:

Optional, but spraying your extensions with detangler or a bit of hair oil before combing makes it easier to comb through. + it adds shine and moisture. 

Step #5: 

Brush with comb & comb only. Hair is most susceptible to breakage when its wet, always opt for a comb on wet hair. For more hair brushing tips read our blog on Hair Brushing 101

Step #6:

Now that your extensions are washed you can lay them out on a towel to dry overnight, or better yet, use a BFB hanger. Makes washing & drying extensions 10x easier. Once your extensions are fully dried you can enjoy the air dried beachy waves, or use the hanger to style as needed.

xx BFB Hair Team

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