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How We Get Voluminous Hair: Bomb BFB Blowout

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How We Get Voluminous Hair: Bomb BFB Blowout

You know that feeling after you leave the hair salon? You have the most voluminous blowout & your locks are silky soft.. That's what we are trying to achieve here. Volume, volume, & more volume. That's our ideal hair look. We want bouncy, thick, hair here at BFB. The look of "I just went and got a blowout", but at home. And no, you don't have to invest in one of those trendy expensive hair tools to achieve the look.. Promise

While some people already have voluminous luscious locks, others (guilty) have to put extra effort into achieving that look. We're sharing how we get a bomb BFB blowout in simple steps.

Voluminous hair in 1..2..3..

Step 1: Use your favorite hydrating shampoo + conditioner 

A good blowout starts with the shower. What are you washing with? And how are you washing? A big reason why we leave the hair salon with better hair than we started with, is because of the salon grade shampoo they use. Your best bet is to find a clean brand that is free of any sulfates & parabens. 

Step 2: Prep before styling + heat protectant 

Prep the hair? Yep, removing any excess moisture or water minimizes the amount of time spent blow drying, which means less damage. Dry wet hair with a microfiber hair towel, less frizz. Once hair is more on the damp side, grab a comb. Comb rather than brush through damp hair as that is its most vulnerable state. And heat protectant before any sort of hoot tools, always. If there's a simple step that you can do to ultimately decrease damage, do it. Just don't ever skip this step, okay? 

Step 3: Choose the right tools

Once you have your set way of doing your blowout, it will feel like second nature to you, but until then its time to choose the right tools. If you do decide to use your blow dryer for a blowout, its important to choose the correct round brush. The longer the hair, the bigger the brush you will want to use. Shorter hair girls, smaller round brush. Sectioning off hair helps get that salon worthy blowout.

We are huge fans of hot rollers over here. Not only are they so easy to put in, but they are actually a lot less damage than a curling iron. You can make your hair more curly or just voluminous depending on what look you want. Check out our favorite look with hot rollers using our fill ins + an up-do.

Eliza is wearing 14" Fill-Ins 50 gram in shade Sandy Blonde

Step 4: Clip-in Extensions

When it comes to a proper blowout we want volume & thick hair!!! That is where BFB enters the chat... Get ready for your BFB extensions to be your new bestie, because you will love them, swear. Grab a set of fill-ins for volume help, or our 21" Classic Set will give you both volume and length, a total transformation. Whatever it is that you are looking to achieve in terms of hair goals, we have you covered.

Not sure which shade to order? Schedule a 15 min zoom call or in person appt. 

Step 5: Finishing Cream

ï»żï»żThe finishing step, lets add some shine back! We love adding a lightweight hair oil or some sort of moisture mist. This is an important step to add into your extensions routine as well, read our blog post on Keeping Extensions Silky for extra info.

xx BFB Hair Team

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