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Hair Routine Tips

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Hair Routine Tips

What's the proper hair routine?

Everyones hair is different, meaning your hair might need something more or less than another persons. But there is a basis of products that we think everyone should be using to keep healthy locks. Today we are getting down to the nitty gritty. How often should you be washing? Are hair masks really worth it? What about hair oils? Which products are musts & which aren't. We have all the info & tips to start an updated hair routine..

So, how often should I be washing? 

The general rule of thumb is wash every 2-3 days. But the longer you can wait, the better. If you tend to over wash your hair you could be experiencing more dry, brittle locks. It's important to re-train your hair & create a new hair washing schedule as hard as it is.

How often should I be using a hair mask?

If you are more on the oiler side you might not need to use a hair mask. But for those of us that need constant moisture, hair masks are it. You can use a hair mask at least once a week, or even up to 3 if you are on the extra dry side. Feel free to use it for 10-15 minutes in the shower, or leave on overnight for silky locks in the morning. Try out our favorite At Home Hair Mask That Actually Works.

Detangler or leave in conditioner?

Your hair is most susceptible to damage when it's wet, which is why have to be careful brushing through tangles. A detangler or leave in conditioner is a good product to add into your after the shower routine. After showering, but before combing or styling.

Are hair oils worth it?

Even if you are more on the oiler side of the hair spectrum, you can still use a lightweight oil. Actually, investing in one would be a good way to seal the cuticle and support shine. For both your hair and your extensions. Definitely use one, but only on your ends.

Give your hair a break + use heat protectant!!

It's so so important to give your hair much needed breaks in between styling with hot tools. Your hair needs it. And one of those steps that you just can't forget about, heat protectant. After washing & before styling, always always use a heat protectant. Protects your hair + extensions from further damage & breakage from your hot tools.


If there's one step in your hair routine that you might be missing, it's extensions. Whether you are wanting a total length transformation or just natural volume, we have both. Take our quiz to see which product is best for you.

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