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Post-Sun Skincare Routine

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Post-Sun Skincare Routine

Picture this: You just spent the entire day in the sun, on the lake, or at the beach. Your hair is lathered in sea salt spray, your clothes are covered in sand & all you can smell is sunscreen. Can you picture it? Did we set the scene well enough?

That post-sun shower is always A+. Scalp scrubs to remove product buildup & hair masks to give locks that extra moisture from being out in the sun all day. We love it. Now post-shower, you have lathered your body with all the oils & lotions, maybe even some aloe, & its time for that face of yours. Your after-sun skincare routine is super important, especially if we want to continue looking sun kissed and glowwy. I mean we do. Don't you? 

Here's what you'll need to keep glowwy hydrated skin... ⬇️

1. First things first, use an exfoliator:

Sunscreen, SPF, sweat, sand, chlorine, it can all leave your skin feeling grimy & dry. After your day in the sun, use a gentle face exfoliator to leave your skin feeling silky smooth. We love exfoliators that help brighten the skin, as the sun can leave dark marks or spots. Here are a couple of our favorite brightening exfoliators, a drugstore one & higher end.

Tula Brightening Mask, $36                    Versed Exfoliator, $16.99

2. Ice roll it out:

Not a complete necessity, but we think it is.. This is the perfect step for post sun. When your skin is a bit sun-burnt or you're feeling puffy, ice roll it out! This will especially feel nice on your sun-kissed skin, trust us. This is a nice little step to add into your routine for glowing skin.

Sonia Kashuk Facial Roller, $10           Amazon Ice Roller, $9.99

3. More Moisture Please:

The last step. Your skin is craving extra moisture after a day in the sun. Use a facial steamer to open up your pores + your favorite moisturizer. Using a facial steamer before any sort of serums or moisturizers helps open up the pores so that product can be better absorbed into the skin. Taking a hot shower is another way of facial steaming if you don't want to invest in a steamer. We want a thicker moisturizer after the sun, so opt for one like the Farmacy Honey Halo. You'll get the glowwy skin you want, without any makeup.

Vanity Planet Steamer, $60       Farmacy Honey Halo Moisturizer, $48

Remember to give your BFB extensions a good wash after any chlorine or salt water, and spray with leave in conditioner or oil! Hang to dry overnight on a BFB hanger. Your extensions need some extra loving too!

Thanks for reading!!

xx BFB Hair Team 

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