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Beachy Hairstyles ft. BFB Shell Clips

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Beachy Hairstyles ft. BFB Shell Clips

Everybody get excited because we have a new product!! Say hello to BFB Shell Clips.. We hope you are just as excited as we are for this cute hair accessory. (& there is more to come...) Beachy hair vibes all year long, but it is still summer, so this seemed fitting. Shell clips it is! To help you come up with hairstyle ideas with your shell clips, keep scrolling. 

Keep reading for cuteness overload... 🐚

Hairstyle #1:

Use our fill-ins for extra low bun volume!

Twist your hair into a low bun, almost like you would with a claw clip, but secure with your 2 shell clips. You can dress this one up or down too. 

Hairstyle #2:

Our favorite way to wear the shell clips, at the beach. Throw your salty hair back in a shell clip for all the mermaid vibes. You don't want to skip on these for your beach vacay.

Hairstyle #3:

Katie is wearing 18" Fill-Ins in shade Sandy Blonde

Face framing baby braids are all the rave, we know, they're adorable. But add on a couple shell clips to your braid for that extra oomf of cuteness. Shopping or brunch with friends, this is the hairstyle you'll want to try.

Hairstyle #4:

Lazy girl hair? Yes please. Throw your hair up into a messy top knot & secure with a shell clip for an easy up-do. Use your shell clips as claw clips, they're unique!

Hairstyle #5:

Some days we just want our hair out of our face, & this ones super easy. Pin back your front pieces with shell clips for a quick, adorable hairstyle.

Now go snag some shell clips!!! 

 Show us your shell clip hairstyles + tag @bfbhair so we can repost! 

xx BFB Hair Team

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