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Hair Talk: Hair Brushing 101

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Hair Talk: Hair Brushing 101

Are you noticing extra breakage & split ends? Wondering why your hair is constantly greasy? Or hair just not as luscious? Brushing your hair is something that you do on a daily basis, you probably don't even think twice about it at this point. But it's one of those steps in your hair routine that can make a lasting result for longer & shinier strands.

Taking care of your BFB Extensions also includes how you brush.. Keep that in mind. Its time to learn the proper brushing technique, stop over-brushing, & get shiny locks. Let's learn!

Brushing Techniques: 

Let's get down to the nitty gritty.. Your brushing technique. Always work your way upwards to remove tangles, starting from the ends to your roots. Brushing from roots to ends makes it easier for breakage and split ends to occur, what we don't want. Not only that, but it can make hair appear more oily or greasy looking, as you are just dragging oil from your roots down. Hair is also most susceptible to damage when its wet, thats its most vulnerable state. Which is why it is so important to use a comb when brushing through wet hair.

What hairbrush should I be using?

Depending on your hair type you will want to use a specific type of brush. If you are detangling, paddle brushes, but only on dry hair. Finer hair girls, boar like bristle brush. This type of brush is also good for smoothing. And curly hair girls, use a paddle brush. 

How to clean hairbrushes:

A step you most likely forget about, cleaning those hair brushes of yours. Consistently cleaning your hair brushes gets rid of any dirt, oil, or product buildup.  Wondering why your hair is getting greasy fast? Oil buildup in your hairbrush. All you need is water, rubbing alcohol, and a little shampoo to clean.

The DOS:
  • Always use comb on wet hair 
  • Always brush from ends to roots, working your way upwards
  • Always use a leave in conditioner or detangler
  • Always clean brushes frequently
  • Always use microfiber hair towel- helps hair dry faster
  • Stop brushing wet hair with hair brush, comb only
  • Stop brushing hair from root to ends
  • Stop over brushing hair 

Still struggling with dry hair? Read our blog post on Hacks for Dry Broken Hair for all the tips. 

xx BFB Hair Team

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