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5 Heatless Hairstyles for the Mom on the go

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5 Heatless Hairstyles for the Mom on the go

Finding easy go-to hairstyles when your life is nothing but chaos isn't always easy. We get it. Many of us say we're going to put more effort into our hair but when the time comes we end up throwing it up and calling it a day. But don't you wish you had easy hairstyles that were your go-tos? This means low-effort, cute, but most importantly heatless hairstyles. Because who has time to pull out the hot tools?! To get you and your locks ready for all the busy activities, we're sharing quick, minimal-energy hairstyles that we absolutely swear by here.

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Hairstyle #1: 

When you want to wear your hair down but don't want to use any hot tools.. Start by loosely braiding your hair overnight for beachy waves, or add in some wave spray for extra texture. Part your hair half up half down and add in a thick loose braid. Tie with a clear hair elastic or fun scrunchie. This hairstyle is also our fav to wear with our Fill-Ins, extra volume & thickness please!

Hairstyle #2:

When you're running out the door & have greasy hair but you still want to look put together! The answer is always a low bun & a hat. Grab your favorite baseball cap or find a wicker summer hat like the one above, too cute! We found a similar straw hat here

Hairstyle #3:

When we're in a time crunch this is the go to. Grab yourself a flower claw clip & throw it in your half up half down hairstyle. That's it! You can also check out our blog post on 5 ways to wear a claw clip, because they are so easy when you're on the go & there are more ways than you thought!

Hairstyle #4:

An extra voluminous pony with a hair scarf, yes please! We love this look. Braid your hair overnight to get beachy waves or throw in some wave spray for extra texture. If you struggle with thinner hair you can always add in the BFB UP for extra pony thickness! Adding in a bandana or hair scarf is an easy way to elevate your ponytail hairstyle. 

Hairstyle #5:

Grab a couple clear hair elastics and a smoothing cream & you are good to go. This is such a quick hairstyle that immediately elevates any look. Clean & sleek vibes. The BFB UP is another good idea to add in for a thicker braid. Perfect for any up-do type of hairstyles. 

xx BFB Hair Team

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