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BFB Timeline

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BFB Timeline

Hi loves! Whether you are new here or an avid BFB extension lover, we'd love for you to learn more about our story & timeline. Thank you for growing with us & continuing to support us!!! We appreciate it more than you could ever know... xx

Read through to see how far BFB has come!

October 2016 ~ BFB Hair launches

November 2016 ~ Eight new shades join the BFB fam

March 2017 ~ Time for a refresh! New box designs 

August 2017 ~ BFB goes abroad!! Italy, France, Iceland

September 2017 ~ Game changer. The home try on kit launches

November 2017 ~ Bucket-list goals. BFB goes to Japan!

April 2018 ~ Volume! 14 inch fill-ins launch

May 2018 ~ BFB 21" seamless classic set launches

August 2018 ~ The BFB UP launches

June 2019 ~ Extension storage! Leather pouch launches

August 2019 ~ 4 new shades added to lineup

September 2019 ~ 18 inch fill-ins launched

February 2020 ~ The at home try on kit becomes 'Color Match Kit'

May 2020 ~ Longer hair please. 24 inch classic set launches

January 2021 ~ The BFB Stylist Program launches. On a mission to share more love!

March 2021 ~ New showroom in AZ opens

September 2021 ~ 50 gram 14 in fill-ins launch. Extra volume please!

November 2021 ~ New site & new branding. Don't you love?!

December 2021 ~ BFB hats are added to the site

February 2022 ~ Tinsel clip-ins launch

February 2022 ~ Revamp. New bold and fun packaging

May 2022 ~ High and low collection launches, more shades.

June 2022 ~ BFB hanger launches

We have so much more coming in the future, so stay tuned.. Sign up for emails so you never miss a launch! 

xx BFB Hair Team

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