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Flat Iron 101: Choosing The Right Temp

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Flat Iron 101: Choosing The Right Temp

Choosing the correct temperature for your hot tools is crucial. Back in the day we just continued on straightening even with the sound of sizzling hair in your ear. But now I think we all have come to the understanding that hot tools really aren't good for your hair, period. Especially if you are trying to achieve silky soft locks. But here's the good news- there are definitely some things you can and should be doing to maintain hair health when it comes to straightening.

Luckily, most of the hot tools on the market have an adjustable temperature setting, making is customizable to your hair. Because back in the day it was basically the cool thing to sizzle off hair, the more paper straight you could get it, the better. Fight the urge to power on that flat iron & immediately switch it to the highest setting. There are temp options for a reason, so take advantage of them. Depending on your hair type & goals, you'll want to adjust the temperature. Read our Hair Type Chart blog post first & then come back here.

Product Shown: 14" Fill-Ins in shade Honeysuckle

Now lets get into the nitty gritty! Grab a flat iron, your go-to heat protectant, and an open mind, because today we are changing the flat iron game. Healthier hair in 3..2..1...

If you have straight hair...


If you already have pretty straight hair, why in the world are you using a flat iron?? No but really, I think we can all agree that if you are blessed with already straight hair, let it be and embrace it. But, we get it.. Some days you do want to straighten things out a bit more, or just seal the cuticle & flyaways down. Just make sure to always start off with your favorite heat protectant & end with a good serum or oil. Your go-to temp setting will be somewhere between 250 and 350, the lower the better.. Keep reading for a few of our absolute favorite heat protectants. Ones that wont leave hair feeling sticky or greasy.

*350 max if you are straightening your BFB Extensions!!!*

If you have wavy hair...

Always always always prep wavy hair with a detangler + heat protectant. If you are on the finer side, a lightweight spray will do. Courser or thicker waves would enjoy a serum or oil based product. You know your hair better than anyone, give it what it needs consistently. Set hot tools between 300-375 (350 if you are using your BFB Extensions). 

Read our Put It To The Test: Heat Protectant Edition blog post!

If you have curly or coily hair...

Curly hair might require a bit more effort & time when it comes to straightening, but the result will be fabulous. Just put aside some time for this one. And remember heatless is always better.. For some super cute Heatless Hairstyles, click here!

Okay, first things first, curls should first be blown about before even touching it with a flat iron. Reason being is it pre-stretches strands, that way there is less direct heat from the flat iron. Start with a moisturizing heat protect on damp hair & blow dry away. Keep temp somewhere between 325 and 410, depending on curl thickness. Finish off with a serum based heat protectant and get to straightening! 

xx BFB Hair Team

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