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How To: Blend Hair Extensions With Short Hair

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How To: Blend Hair Extensions With Short Hair

So, you just bought a set of clip-ins and are noticing that drastic line between your real hair and the extensions.. Or maybe you've been in the market for extensions for a while now, but worried your short hair won't end up blending well with the extensions. Well, hi! That's what we're here to help with! No sense in having instant regret after chopping your hair into that trendy bob you thought you would love.. BFB has you covered in the hair department. 

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Tip #1: Layer your extensions throughout

Might seem pretty self explanatory, but make sure you're evenly distributing your clip-ins throughout your hair. The most common mistake we see at first is inserting incorrectly or not enough wefts, making it easier to see that "step" from your natural hair & the extensions (what we don't want). Our Classic Sets (for both length and volume) come with 10 wefts each, which will be more than enough hair to layer throughout your short hair! No need to buy multiple sets, one is plenty. 

Watch our video on how to properly insert The Classic Set below! 

Tip #2: Style your natural hair in with the extensions

While you totally can style (straighten, curl, etc) your extensions before clipping them in, you might want to try styling them in with your natural hair. Once you fully inserted and clipped in your extensions, begin curling or straightening with your real hair. That way things look a little more blended and seamless!

Tip #3: Have your stylist customize it

You have the ability to completely customize your BFB Extensions. Find a trusted hair stylist that feels comfortable, or has experience, cutting extensions. If you already have layers throughout your hair, you might be happiest matching your extensions with those layers. You can always get them trimmed up a bit too if you feel it's needed! 

Tip #4: Add some dimension

Most of us nowadays have a little bit of dimension throughout our hair, instead of just one solid shade. A clear detection of hair extensions is it being a different shade than your hair color, we don't want that. Instead of buying a couple different shades and blending, as some do, grab one of our dimensional shades to make things look seamless. 

Tip #5: Hair oil or serum

Finish things off with a little but of your favorite hair oil or serum. This will help tame flyaways and really smooth your ends, which tend to stick out if you have short hair. 

Bonus Tip: Tease your roots

Short hair can sometimes mean fine hair, but not always! If things don't feel super secure or in place, you can tease your roots. Before clipping in your extensions, tease your roots & spray with some hair spray, then begin inserting. Gives the clips a little bit more to grip onto! 

xx BFB Hair Team

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