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How To Store Hair Extensions To Prevent Damage

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How To Store Hair Extensions To Prevent Damage

Clip-In extensions are far superior & come with many pros. The list could go on and on, but lets just put it this way, you can finally have the hair you've always dreamt of! They're perfect for a night out if you want that extra length & volume, or easy enough to clip-in a couple wefts on a day to day basis when you need extra fullness. Oh, and did we mention it is completely done at home. No stylist needed, no salon visits, and they're clip-in, meaning temporary! No more sleeping on those uncomfortable sew ins. Pop in and out your BFB Clip-Ins whenever or wherever. 

Maybe you're impulsive (like us) and you recently chopped your hair & miss those long locks. Or for the natural gals that want to keep their same length, but add back in some volume & fullness. Yes, you too. 

Storing extensions overnight

The answer to our question is actually pretty simple, you need a BFB Hanger. That's all? Yep. Grab yourself a hanger to prevent future or further damage on your clip-ins. Clip out extensions after a long day & simply hang on your hanger. Keeps hair from getting tangled or damaged & instead keeps locks looking shiny and sleek. Not only is this your go-to tool for storing extensions when you aren't using them, it doubles as your styling & washing tool. Before straightening or curling your extensions, clip onto your BFB Hanger. Makes styling with hot tools 10x easier. 

Styling extensions

Like we said, your BFB Hanger is perfect for when you pull out the hot tools & decide to give your extensions a new style. Before curling or straightening, attach to your hanger to make styling that much easier. The most annoying part about trying to curl your BFB clip-ins is when they wont stay still. Constantly picking them up off the floor is not the movee.

Washing extensions

A question we get constantly, how in the world do I wash my extensions? Well good news, we have an in depth blog post on how to wash hair extensions here. But you should know, if you have a BFB Hanger, it will make the washing process simple. Not only does it give the hair something to hold onto while washing, it keeps the clips out of the water, which is ideal! 

For more tips & tricks on how to keep extensions looking silky and shiny for longer, read our blog here.

xx BFB Hair Team

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