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INTRODUCING: The High and Low Collection!

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INTRODUCING: The High and Low Collection!

We know you all have been waiting ( & wishing ) for us to expand our shade we are BEYOND excited to announce The High and Low Collection, a collection full of dimension, contrast and depth. This collection has been in the works for well over a year. We have been researching and studying the gaps within our current shade collection to bring you SEVEN new, dimensional shades. We heard you! We have taken your feedback, your suggestions, and come up with the 7 shades below that are completely custom to BFB HAIR... (you will not find more beautiful, high quality, dimensional shades anywhere else, we promise you that.) These shades will be available to shop on May 23rd, 2022! 


Bombshell: Say hello to this Bombshell! This shade is a mix of Ice Breaker & Beige Blonde. Bombshell is going to be a fan-favorite. This will be our lightest, dimensional blonde added to our collection. See Bombshell Below. 


Sun-kissed: This shade is a mix of Beige Blonde and Bronde to create a darker lowlight. This is a darker version of our Beige Blonde shade, one of our most popular. Think *post beach vacation, when you're hair is a little sun-kissed* This is a very dimensional and a cooler blonde shade. See Sunkissed Below. 


Honeysuckle: This shade is a mix of Beige Blonde and Barefoot Blonde. The perfect combination for a cool, but slightly warm blonde. This is a great in-between blonde shade. See Honeysuckle Below. 


Golden Sands: This shade is a mix of Sandy Blonde, Bronde, and PB&J. A perfect dirty blonde and our darkest, dimensional blonde in the new collection. This has been one of our MOST requested shades. See Golden Sands Below.  


Sandalwood: Hello Brunettes..this is for you!! This is a light, dimensional Brunette. This shade is a combination of our Brownstone and our Bronde to create a beautiful highlight mixed with a cool, medium brunette shade this is very versatile. See Sandalwood Below. 


PB & J: Revised Peanut Butter and Jealous Root. This shade may looks a little familiar to're not wrong! This is a revised shade (old shade was named Peanut Butter and Jealous and now renamed to PB&J.) We redid the root of this shade based on customer feedback to create a more versatile shade all around. If you were Peanut Butter and Jealous before, there is high chance this is still the perfect shade for you!  See PB&J Below. 


Smokey Bourbon:  We are buzzed about this one...a mix of Brownstone and the root shade of Honey Dipped, you're going to fall in love with this shade. We have combined a darker, cool brunette shade with our Brownstone, to create this very natural, brunette shade. See Smokey Bourbon Below. 



These BEAUTIES will be available to purchase on May 23rd in ALL products. Follow along on Instagram as we showcase these new shades over the next few weeks! 


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