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The BFB Hanger: Your Hair Extension Must Have

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The BFB Hanger: Your Hair Extension Must Have

This ones for all of you who have been dying for an easy way to store/hang your extensions... Introducing the BFB Hanger!

All the time you've spent looking for just about any space to lay your freshly washed extensions overnight, or brushing through a tangled mess, it's a task in itself. Or what about an easier way to style your extensions with hot tools? We have a solution for your extension storing needs. Clip-in extension lovers... we have just made your life 10x easier! We are so excited to add this tool to BFB & offer an easy way to store your extensions when not wearing them.

We know how silky soft a new set of extensions is.. Well, the best way to make those extensions last as long as possible is to take care of them, and that includes storing. 

Our hanger is lined with felt strips that are gentle enough for your hair while also securing all wefts in place. The wide opening makes it that much easier to place down all wefts from even the thickest of sets, while still holding tightly onto each piece.


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xx BFB Hair Team


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