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5 Back-To-School Hairstyles | BFB Hair

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5 Back-To-School Hairstyles | BFB Hair

It's back-to-school season, and with that comes getting into a routine in the mornings. The mornings can already be a stressful time when it comes to getting you or your little one ready, so we thought we'd help make things a little more seamless with a list of our favorite back-to-school hairstyles. Try these on yourself or on your little one, easy & timeless!

Hairstyle #1:

BFB UP (Iced Latte)

The easiest, most put together hairstyle to us incorporates a hair scarf. Whether you want to add a hair scarf to a bun, pony, braid, it atomically elevates your look. Perfect for yourself or the little ones!

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Hairstyle #2:

14" Fill-Ins 50 Gram (Sandy Blonde)

Fairy vibes! Loose waves mixed with a chunky face framing braid and you're good to go! If you have any flower or butterfly clips to add on top of your braid, even cuter. 

Hairstyle #3:

21" Classic Set (PB & J)

We still aren't over the bubble braids... Whether that be a bubble pony or two bubble braids, you really can't go wrong. A tried and true around here.

Hairstyle #4:

BFB UP (Iced Latte)

Clean girl aesthetic isn't go anywhere anytime soon.. The ultimate 'clean girl' hairstyle is a slicked bun or pony. We love to incorporate the BFB UP for a thicker, more voluminous look. 

Hairstyle #5:

Purple Marble Claw Clip

We couldn't leave out a claw clip hairstyle! Grab yourself a BFB Claw Clip and call it a day. perfect for running late & on the go. 


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