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How To Pack Your Beauty Products Like A Pro

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How To Pack Your Beauty Products Like A Pro

If you are a product junkie, like us, this one is for you! Whether you are always on-the-go traveling, or maybe you need an easy way to organize your daily beauty tools.. We're here to make your travel and morning routine much easier. Keep all hair, makeup & beauty tools in one place. 

Step 1: You need an everywhere bag

Whelp, if you don't already have an Everywhere Bag, you're already one step behind a more organized life. Just trust us! Not only is this bag cute & sturdy, but you can fit all your daily makeup and beauty products, easily. Included in the Everywhere Bag are wipeable & detachable pouches, making travel & cleanup duty 10x easier. And if you're a hair extension junkie like us, we even added in a hair extension loop to hang extensions while on the go or traveling. But first, you need a BFB Hanger... Learn more below!

Step 2: You need a hanger

The BFB Hanger is a game changer when it comes to owning hair extensions. Traveling, styling, brushing, washing, storing, should we go on anymore on why you may need one? 

Step 3: Grab some hair extensions!

If you don't already have a set of BFB Extensions, we are here to help! Order a Color Match Kit & choose 3-5 sample shades before purchasing a full set, that way you know exactly which shade you are. You can even schedule a FREE 15 minute zoom appointment here. In-person appointments are also available here for our local AZ babes! 



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