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5 Date-Night/Valentines Day Hairstyles

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5 Date-Night/Valentines Day Hairstyles

Are you looking for some new hairstyles to spice up your life? Tired of doing the same old basic hair every day? Great, we are too! February and Valentines-Day are the perfect excuses to start branching out and expanding your hairstyle game. Spring is right around the corner, the weather is slowly starting to heat up, it's time to try out some fun new hairstyles! Keep scrolling for your go-to hairstyle for both Date-Night AND Valentines-Day. We have you covered!

1. Face Framing Braid + bows

Our #1 favorite hairstyle this year is face framing braids, we can't get enough of them. And the bows, I'm sure you've seen them all over our feed in many different hairstyles.. We can't help it! It is such an easy hairstyle that automatically elevates any look. Watch our tutorial below on how we get this adorable hairstyle. Shade shown is Iced Latte.

2. Valentines Heart

If you're anything like us, Valentines Day is one of our favorite days, mainly because of the cute hairstyles... Watch the step-by-step tutorial below & achieve the heart hairstyle of your dreams!

 3. Chunky Braids

The best part about having a set of BFB Extensions is that you can finally achieve the braid you've always wanted! Grab your Classic Set and start your braid, easy peasy. We also added a couple pink bows to make it extra special. 

4. Bubble Braid Pony 

Are you tired of the bubble braids yet? Good, because we aren't either. Use your BFB UP to make your bubbles look much more voluminous! Tie off with a few satin ribbons, and you are good to go! Shade shown is Beige Blonde.  

5. Twisted Clip Hairstyle

This one is so easy and so stinkin' cute! Perfect for all you low-maintenance hair girlies who still want to look put together. Grab yourself a cute hair clip and a BFB Classic Set and follow along below! 

Bonus Hairstyle: BFB Claw Clip

Grab a Jumbo BFB Claw Clip for a simple and trendy hairstyle look!



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