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Thicker, Longer Ponytails & Buns

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Thicker, Longer Ponytails & Buns

As we get older, our hair may start to thin out... Or maybe you are someone who has always had hair on the thinner, more fine side. Well, all hair types are welcome and accepted here!!! But heres the thing, pulling hair back into a pony or low bun and seeing how sparse it actually is, can be a daunting feeling.. BFB has a super  easy AND natural solution for you and all of your up-do needs! 

Product Shown: BFB UP in shade Iced Latte

Solution #1: The BFB UP

One of our absolute favorite products that we have to offer, is The BFB UP. The UP is an ultra thick weft made for all of your up-do hairstyles. Ponytails, braids, buns, top-knots, the UP is perfect for it all! Inserting is easy. Simply part your hair half up and insert your UP. Watch our video below to get an idea of what the UP can do! Shade shown is Iced Latte.

Solution #2: thicker bun with a classic set

If you already have a set of our extensions or maybe this is your first time ordering from us, this might be the one for you! Not only can you use your 21" Classic Set for the length and volume of your dreams with your hair down, but also for buns! Start by pulling hair back into a sleek low bun. Now grab two of your 2-clip wefts from your classic set. Clip around the bun and twist around to achieve a fuller looking low bun! It will blow your mind how fast and easy this tip is! Watch our step by step tutorial below! Shade shown is Iced Latte.



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