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5 Reasons To Embrace Your Gray Hair

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5 Reasons To Embrace Your Gray Hair

This is the year of embracing our natural hair color and giving ourselves that extra oomph of fullness!!! I mean who doesn't want extra volume in their hair?! The launch of our new gray shades Stone and Pepper has really opened our eyes to this whole movement.. More and more women are ditching the dyes, chemicals, and toxins and embracing their salt & pepper hair! Whether you are in the process of letting your gray hair grow out, or maybe you haven't been loving the way your locks have been looking.. BFB Hair has you covered!

Our gray fill-in extensions gives you the opportunity to change or enhance your hair color while still steering clear of the hair dyes. By adding in clip-in extensions you can add highlights or more dimension (lowlights) depending on which shade you choose. Plus, that extra volume is a game changer. Keep scrolling to learn more about our new gray shades + why we think you should be embracing your salt & pepper locks! 

Shade Shown: 14" 50 G Fill-Ins in shade Pepper

Say hello to stone & pepper!

Here's why we think you should embrace your gray hair - It's super chic and soo in nowadays. Plus, you can play around with fun extensions! 

You can add in extensions for extra fullness

Both Stone and Pepper come in our 14" or 18" Fill-In Extensions. If you like the look of full, more voluminous locks, the fill-ins will be your new bestie! Watch our step by step tutorial below on how we insert our extensions in seconds. 

You can add in extensions for a highlight or extra dimension

Depending on the shade of gray your hair is, you could probably get away with using both Stone & Pepper if you wanted! We love to use our Fill-Ins for not only extra volume, but dimension. If your hair is on the lighter side, closer to Stone, you could add in Pepper Fill-Ins for more dimension and a darker lowlight. And if your hair is on the darker side, like Pepper, using Stone would give you some highlights & pearliness! 

You can add extensions in for a thicker pony or bun

Our fill-ins are so versatile, not just for fullness while your hair is down. Yes, you can even use them for up-do type hairstyles. Start by parting your hair half-up-half-down and secure with your BFB Alligator Clips. Now you can double stack both of your fill-in wefts on top of one another, and clip in on the back of your head. Pull up into a ponytail, bun, braid and you are done. Boom!! Thicker ponytails in seconds. Watch our tutorial below to see how we use our fill-ins for a ponytail. 

You can add extensions for a dimensional braid

Are you a braid lover like us?! The key to creating Pinterest worthy braids are the fill-ins! Our #1 tip would be to clip in your extensions and braid away! Thicker, more dimensional braids in 3...2...1...


BFB Hair Team

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