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How to Prevent Frizz - 10 Tips For Smooth & Shiny Hair (BFB HAIR)

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How to Prevent Frizz - 10 Tips For Smooth & Shiny Hair (BFB HAIR)

If you live in a sticky climate or a muggy city you probably know what real frizz is like & what it can do to your hair.. and it's no fun. This one is for our curly haired girls, or those of us who struggle with major frizz no matter what.. If you are desperate for help with that frizzy mane of yours, look no further, this one will definitely be worth the read!

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1. Use a shampoo that contains glycerin

While we love to engrain in your head that you must be using "clean" haircare products & shampoos free of sulfates or any other harsh chemicals.. It can also be extremely helpful to use a shampoo that is rich in the ingredient glycerin. Glycerin in shampoo helps to absorb excess moisture in the air & create a coating around strands to help lock in moisture. If you have coily/curly hair or just struggle with excess frizz, reaching for shampoo and conditioner with the ingredient glycerin in it, will be key.

2. Don't skip the conditioner

While everyones hair is different and we all need different things, you must not skip the conditioner. Especially if you have frizzy or curly hair. The reason why we follow up shampooing with a conditioner is because we want to seal the cuticle. Daily conditioning not only hydrates your hair, but it tends to smooth the cuticle making flyaways or split ends harder to see.

3. Apply oil on damp or dry hair.. or even both

Perfect for taming frizz, smoothing flyaways, and adding back in shine, a hair oil is a must around here. Looking in the mirror only to notice a frizzy rats nest of a hairstyle, is never the vibe were going for... But we get that sometimes we just can't control it, especially if you already have curly hair! Genetics play a huge role in whether or not you will have frizz or not, but there are definitely major steps you can be doing to reduce frizziness. We have stated before how much we love using a hair oil on our hair and our BFB Extensions, but we felt like we had reiterate. If you don't already own a hair oil or serum, your frizzy hair is majorly missing out. Read about our top 5 favorite drugstore hair oils, ones that wont break the bank!

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4. Dry hair with a microfiber hair towel

If you are still drying your hair with a normal cotton bath towel, it's time to finally make the switch to microfiber. Just trust us on this one! Rubbing hair dry with a cotton towel will only disrupt the cuticle making hair appear even more frizzy once dried. A microfiber hair towel will not only help speed up dry time, but it wont strip moisture from your hair leaving it frizzy and dull looking. More about hair drying 101 here!

5. Use a heat protectant & take your time

Hair that is styled with a blow dryer, curling iron, or flat iron is much more susceptible to excess frizz, obviously. Next time before pulling out your hot tools and styling away, make sure you are spritzing hair with a heat protectant!! Most leave-in conditioners contain a heat protectant as well, making it a 2-in-1 product to help detangle AND protect against heat. Read about our top 5 drugstore heat protectants here! 

6. Deep moisturize those locks at least once a week

We really love to add in a deep moisturizing treatment or hair mask at least once a week to keep hair at bay. Read about our top 5 drugstore hair masks here. Don't forget, you can even use a mask on your BFB Extensions occasionally for extra silkiness. 

7. Silk everything

Using a silk pillowcase can do wanders to your hair and that unwanted frizz. Believe it or not but your cotton pillowcase is similar to your cotton towel, or at least you get the same affect. Sleeping on a cotton pillowcase can leave you and your hair with breakage, frizz, and tangles, all things we do not want. Switching to a fabric like silk will not only reduce the amount of friction, but it will leave strands looking silky and smooth.

8. Use cold water!

This is just one of those hacks that we love to share, because it's a weird one but a goodie! Before hopping out of the shower, apply a good amount of conditioner to your ends and rinse with cold water. Yes, cold. It might be a bit surprising at first, but your hair will thank you later! Cold water seals the cuticle and reduces moisture loss.

9. Keep your hands off the hair!

The more you run your hands through your hair, the more frizz and friction you are creating. We recommend you try your absolute hardest to keep hand off the hair! Or at least try some new sleek or braid hairstyles. Scroll through some of our favorite Braid Hairstyles here!

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10. Detangle in the shower instead

If you already have naturally curly hair, rule #1 is do not brush through dry hair. Unless you want to end up with a frizzy mess... Our top tip is to detangle while you are in the shower. Simply lather on your conditioner and detangle strands with a comb. Not only are you saving brushing time, but you will end up with less frizz, tangles and breakage.

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