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Hair Drying 101: Here's Why You Need A Microfiber Hair Towel

Posted by Amberly Crast ·

Hair Drying 101: Here's Why You Need A Microfiber Hair Towel

In the previous hair talk, we covered all things hair brushing 101, because who knew how important the way you brush your hair actually is? Spoiler alert, it is. Today we are covering everything having to do with drying your hair. From wrapping your hair up in a towel, to blow drying, we are here to keep hair silky smooth.

Microfiber prevents damage

The number one reason why we love microfiber hair towels, it prevents damage & breakage. Why wouldn't you want that? We all get into the same habit of hopping out of the shower & twisting up your hair in a cotton towel.. Now stop that! Please! Cotton towels are just fine for your body, but not your hair. Reason being is it's a harsh material that can easily snag on your most vulnerable hairs. Unnecessary damage & breakage is not the vibe. Microfiber towels have a smooth surface making it much less able to snag or break strands. 

Cut down drying time

Ready for a hair hack? Using a microfiber towel will actually half your drying time. Microfiber is made of tiny little fibers that are all extremely absorbent. Not only that but the microfiber towel is a lightweight fabric making it easy to wrap around your head for however long you need. No more heavy towels wrapped around, ditch them!

*DIY Hair Mask + a microfiber towel on top = the perfect moisture combo!

Bye bye frizz

Let's all say bye to frizzy hair, because that's not the look were going for.. A popular step that almost everyone does, twist up your hair in a towel. Little did you know that you are actually creating much more frizz & breakage. The friction from the towel can end up rubbing hair causing the cuticle to look less smooth. I think we all want smooth locks. Opt for a microfiber hair towel to cut down on the frizziness, plus you'll end up spending less time trying to get rid of that frizz. 

Don't forget! Use a microfiber towel on your BFB extensions to keep them silky (Shade shown is Sandy Blonde). For more info on how to properly wash hair extensions, click here!

Curly hair girls, you need one

All you gorgeous curly haired girls, if you don't have a microfiber hair towel yet, what are you doing?! Curls, waves, ringlets, they all require a bit more care than someone with straight hair. Opt for a microfiber hair towel if you have curly locks as it keeps curls shape & cuts down on the amount of frizz. Let the microfiber towel do what it's meant to do!! 

Now let's blow-dry the right way

Last but certainly not least, if you aren't someone who enjoys letting that hair air dry, and you absolutely must use a blow dryer, at least follow our tips. Please! Blow drying your hair is one of those steps that almost everyone tends to do, but it can truly be the most damaging. Here's how you blow dry for the least amount of damage... Always always always use a heat protectant. Blow dry on damp hair, not wet. Clip off sections & dry from roots to ends. Take good care of your hair, it'll show!

xx BFB Hair Team 

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