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Brunettes: Here's Why You Need A Green Or Blue Shampoo In Your Life

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Brunettes: Here's Why You Need A Green Or Blue Shampoo In Your Life

With all the purple shampoo talk, brunettes tend to get left in the dust. Is there a specific shampoo you should be using? What if you get your hair colored? Brunettes, we're here to make that color last as long as possible, and staying shiny! Keep scrolling for why you may need a green or blue colored shampoo.

Blue Shampoo

Lighter to medium brunettes!!!! If you regularly get your hair done, you have highlights, or you're noticing brassy orange tones peeking through, you might want to consider a blue shampoo! Blue shampoo it is kind of like a color corrector, but for your hair! It will cancel out any of those unwanted tones. 

How to use:

Add in a blue shampoo wash whenever you notice orange tones or 1-2 times a week at max. It can end up drying out your hair if used too often! A common misconception with blue or purple shampoo is that it can replace your normal shampoo routine, and it can't! Start by shampooing with your normal one & follow up lathering in the blue shampoo. The more you lather the more blue pigments will get distributed to neutralize that brass! Follow up with your favorite conditioner or leave in treatment! We also love to use our DIY hair mask after a blue shampoo, it's our favorite for a moisture surge!

Dark brunette or black hair? Keep scrolling.....

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Green Shampoo:
ï»żDeeper brunette to black hair, opt for a green shampoo instead of blue. Just like a blue or purple shampoo, it color corrects. Green cancels out any red undertones in the hair, which are most susceptible in dark brown or black hair. If you are wanting a more cool toned brunette, get a green shampoo please! You'll thank us later.
How to use:

1-2 times a week or whenever you notice unwanted brassiness! Start by washing your hair with your favorite shampoo, move onto the green shampoo & lather in! Follow up with your usual conditioner to tame any frizz and add back in moisture. 

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