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Anyone looking for a jumbo claw clip? One that is actually jumbo enough to hold up those long locks? Everybody say hello to your new favorite hair accessory, our very own, BFB Claw Clips. Finally! We have been eagerly awaiting this launch, the excitement is so real. Can you tell we're excited?! 

Here's the thing, finding a good claw clip can be a pain in the butt. They aren't ever jumbo enough, especially if you're like us & live in your clip-in extensions, because extra volume always. They never hold up all that thick long hair, ever. Between the constant struggle of holding up hair, or cheap plastic ones breaking after one use. We needed something sturdy but cute to hold up all that hair. Introducing.... The BFB Claw Clips. 

Wondering what makes these claw clips different from the rest? Here's the jist on why these will be your favorite ones yet. First things first, we all know how annoying putting your hair up in a claw clip can be. If you are a girlie with long or thick hair, you may not have ever been able to use one in the first place. But here's the thing, when we say jumbo, we truly mean jumbo. Our 2 jumbo claw clips have been put to the ultimate test, with a set of our very own 21" Classic Extensions. These jumbos will work for those with the longest of locks to the thickest. Secondly, plastic is not an option here. Our claw clips are made from acetate, no plastic in site, and the medium sized one is even coated in double acetate. 

Shop our new jumbo claw clips here!

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Katie is wearing our 18" Fill-Ins in shade Beige Blonde

xx BFB Hair Team

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