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How To Style Short Hair: 10 Hairstyles For Short Hair

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How To Style Short Hair: 10 Hairstyles For Short Hair

So... you just cut your hair and now are really regretting it.. Or you're just looking for new hairstyles for that new bob! Sound familiar? Here's the good news. Short hair is totally in & there's nothing to regret, we're here to give you all the hairstyles! Today we compiled a list of our top 10 hairstyles for short hair. All under 5 minutes & require little to no heat styling. We love that. Keep scrolling for short hair inspo!

 The best part about having short hair is the quick hairstyles that you can do on a daily basis! And a claw clip is just one of them.. Ever heard that short hair is hard to style? Nah, you just need to find your go-to's. The easiest hairstyle & your go-to for short hair. Mainly because it will be so easy to hold up & look adorably cute! 

Looking for more claw clip hairstyles? Click here for our top 5.

Half up half down with a scrunchie! Our favorite hairstyle from the 90's that we just can't get enough of. If you are a short haired girlie, this must be your go-to hairstyle, because it's just that cute. Even bed-head hair will benefit from this one.

Again, the hairstyle ideas when it comes to short haired girls, you're lucky because they are that cute. Throw your hair in some low pig tails & secure with a clear hair elastic. Good to go & you'll be the cutest one.

Hair accessories are one of those things that can change your whole outfit.. If you are someone who is lazy about doing your hair, or you simply are in a time crunch. Reach for an accessory like a hair scarf. Immediately transforms your hair in 3..2...1...

The very best addition to this hairstyle is a set of 14" Fill-Ins. Extra volume will always be a plus!

Having short hair is the best because you can do a low pony & still look adorable... Middle part your hair for this pony. Start by twisting back your front pieces or bangs. Once your hair is twisted back, secure with a hair tie. 

Shiny sleek hair pulled back into a claw clip, mhmm. Easy peasy & adorably cute. Finish off with a hair oil or shine spray. For more moisturized locks tips, read here

You love them, we love them, we all just seem to la la love them. Face framing baby braids. Can't get enough!

xx BFB Hair Team

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