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Post-Summer Hair Tips: 5 Ways to Revive Dry Broken Hair

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Post-Summer Hair Tips: 5 Ways to Revive Dry Broken Hair

Let's get real here. Chlorine, salt from the ocean, lake water, bleach, & all of those hot tools you've been using nonstop to tame that frizz.. Summer can be brutal on our hair, for all of those very reasons. The sun in general can really cause damage. If you are someone who is dealing with those post summer blues... And you want to start off Fall with healthy hair, follow along. It is officially September, so you know what that means.. time to put away the sun hats & pull out all the beanies and hair accessories. It's our favorite time of the year, Fall time baby! 

We already amped up your Post-sun skincare routine, but we can't leave out the hair, because it needs some extra lovin' too!

Jamie is wearing 18" Fill-Ins in shade Sandalwood

Bond repair treatment

You need a bond repair treatment! You've heard of brands like Olaplex making bonding treatments.. The purpose of a bonding product is to reconstruct the hair from the inner cuticle to the outer. Living Proof is a brand that we love around here, and they recently came out with a bonding product. You can use this one once a week on wet hair and follow up with your normal blowdrying and styling tools. Protects hair from thermal, UV damage, & even color fade! The technology in it is A+.

Living Proof Triple Bond Complex, $45

Give your mane a reset

With all the trips to the beach or pool, you need to give that scalp special attention to obtain overall shiny locks. We recommend adding in a scalp scrub to your routine about once a week. Removes all that excess buildup and impurities. If you want to learn how to make an at-home scalp scrub, click here.

Switch shampoo & conditioner

Something different to do is switch up your shampoo and conditioner. Even if you have one you absolutely swear by, try adding in a clarifying or extra moisturizing one once a week. Sometimes we all get stuck in the rut of using the same old shampoo and conditioner. Switch it up! Your hair will love it.

Hair detox rinse

After all the summer sun & chlorine, your hair might be left looking all dull and faded. A quick way to help with that is a hair detox rinse. We love to use an Apple Cider Vinegar rinse, mainly because it's so easy to do at home. Try out an ACV rinse to enhance your colors brightness, + shine & smooth control. Who wouldn't want that? Read our quick blog on How To Detox Your Hair, in 5 easy steps.

Split ends give it away

Dry, broken, split ends are a dead giveaway of damaged Summer hair.. Do yourself a favor and book a fresh hair cut appointment, you'll thank us later! Add in a split end oil if you're extra like that, cause we sure are.

Ouai Hair Oil, $14

xx BFB Hair Team

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