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Pull out all the pumpkin spice & autumn scented candles... Because fall is here ladies!! And it is time to get yourself in the zone. Today we are making a prediction on hairstyles that we think will be trending this fall. Yes, it's all a prediction but we know we'll be right on this one... Keep scrolling for your go-to hairstyles this fall, promise. It's time to leave that dry sun-damaged hair behind, leave it for next summer... Fabulous Fall Locks Unlocked!

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Mhhm, ribbons are back baby. Remember when we used to tie a ribbon around our hair in the early 2000s? Well, the hairstyle is back, and better than ever. Half up half down, ponytails, braids, the styles are endless. All we know is that you need ribbon for fall & winter hairstyles. This will be the hairstyle of fall and winter 2022.

Messy low bun

Summer 2022 was all about clean girl summer. We did allll the slicked buns and pony's, but fall time is different. Let's bring back a low messy bun. No slicked buns this time around. Because the messier the better! Even throw in a set of Fill-Ins or an UP for extra bun thickness!

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Bubble Braid Pigtails


Bubble braids are a tried and true around here. We love this easy hairstyle way too much.. But bubble braid pigtails? Truly the perfect fall hairstyle. Pumpkin picking, haunted houses, you need to try this hairstyle for all of your fall festivities. 

Hair Scarfs


ï»żYou ready to add to your hair accessory collection? Good, because you need hair scarfs. One of the easiest hairstyles, and a fav, includes a colorful hair scarf! Throw your hair up in a pony, or half up half down, and tie with a trendy scarf of your choice. The ultimate fall hairstyle. 

ï»żThick Headbands

Not just any old normal headband, a thick one. That's it. That's the hairstyle. And really that's all you need to do to look automatically more put together. Classy & girly all in one.

Wide brim hats

A go to for fall, wide brim hats. Struggling with greasy hair? Or simply just don't feel like doing anything crazy? Throw on a hat and you automatically look cute for fall. 

ï»żï»żxx BFB Hair Team

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