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How To Root Spray Extensions (3 Step Guide)

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How To Root Spray Extensions (3 Step Guide)

If you are someone who has darker roots, but lighter ends, you might need a root spray. Maybe you regularly get a balayage or you're just trying to make those roots last as long as possible booking your next hair appointment.. We get it! If you have a set of BFB clip-in extensions, but your roots are growing, you might notice your extension wefts peeking through. Only because your roots are darker than the blonde extensions for example. That's where a root spray can come in. It's an easy, inexpensive, way to fix that or hide lighter wefts. We are avid root spray lovers here at BFB, we use them on the daily. Mainly because they are so easy & the results are there.

Rooted blondies, keep scrolling for a video tutorial... âŹ‡ïž

Step 1:

First things first! Start by laying your wefts flat on a garbage bag or a towel, something that you don't mind getting a little dirty. Now grab your favorite root spray, ours is the Loreal one. It's from the drugstore, so super affordable, and the payoff is insane!

*Make sure to brush your extensions with a comb & comb only! For more hair brushing tips read our blog post on Hair Brushing 101.*

Step 2:

Before getting to business, make sure to shake up your can so you get even coverage sprays, & begin spraying on your roots! How far down you spray down the weft is totally up to you or depending on your root length at the moment. The best part is that you cant mess up & it's washable! You can add multiple coats too depending on the deepness you're looking for!

Step 3: 

Once you have the desired root spray, leave to fully dry before picking up & clipping in. Should only take a couple minutes. And boom! You have a customized extension! It's just that easy.

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Step 4: Bonus

Bonus step! If you ended up messing up your root spray, no need to worry! The good thing about a root spray is that it's not permanent. Read our blog post on How To Properly Wash Hair Extensions to get your spray out!

Throw your extensions on a hanger until you're ready to clip in! The BFB hanger makes storing & styling so much easier...

xx BFB Hair Team

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